Revell Fidget Runner Vehicles

Revell Fidget Runner

Insanely fast, Fidget Runner performs ‘death-defying’ loops inside its included clear globe ball or any curved surface you choose! Exciting ‘Solo Spins’ and ‘Finger Spins’ are just as crazy! Every spin and stunt is highlighted with its 7-colour-changing super-bright LED, so it’s even more fun in the dark!

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Fidget Runner

Fidget Runner offers pocket-sized fun on demand!

Globe spins

Watch Fidget Runner race inside its included clear globe at blistering speed!

Wall of death!

Place your Fidget Runner inside any continuously curved surface and watch it perform gravity-defying stunts with ease!

Solo spin

Attach the included connection loop to your Fidget Runner and watch it Solo spin

Combo Spins

Attach two Fidget Runners together for Combo Spins and you’ve double the fun!

Finger spin fun!

In addition to driving, simply hold the drive wheels of your Fidget Runner and watch it spin furiously in place with exciting colour-changing LED light!

So many colours!

Fidget Runner has a built-in super-bright LED light that continuously cycles between 7 different colours as it drives!

Palm-size action!

Fidget Runner literally fits in the palm of your hand its reduced size allows it to be attached to and carried on its included keyring when not in use.


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