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  • Kidz Labs Kitchen Science Experiments!

    Let your junior Boffin run a little wild.... and perform amazing experiments with everyday materials!

    A fun kit filled with inspiration!

    Recommended For Ages 5 Plus.

  • Create clouds, experiment with acid rain, explore the water cycle, learn about air currents, the greenhouse effect, and lightning. Each kit contains materials to use with common household items to create six different fun and educational experiments. Detailed instructions and fun facts included. Recommended For Ages 8 Plus.

  • Make your little one know the importance of clean water with this ‘Kidz Labs-Green Science - Clean Water Science’ kit from 4M. Including a set of plastic filter system, active carbon, sand, rock and filter paper, this kit will teach your kids how to filter pure water from salt water by setting up their own desalination plant. Recommended For Ages 8 Plus.

  • Recycle an empty bottle to construct this battery powered Tornado Maker. Create a terrific tornado on your table top and experience the mighty power of this natural phenomenon. Whoosh! Recommended For Ages 8 Plus.

  • A super magnet set containing 10 fun and exciting experiments and games. Make a super powered horse show magnet or a magnet want, a super magnet racer, yacht compass or a mysterious dangler, and so much more. Recommended For Ages 8 Plus