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  • Keep your little one engaged and entertained for hours with the Lamaze Phillip the Pelican. This friendly bird has a surprise peek-a-boo mirror in his beak that is revealed when you squeeze his belly. Phillip also includes a tethered fish teether that encourages put-in and take-out play. Bright colours, contrast patterns, multiple textures, and fun crinkles encourage baby to explore. 

  • Shapes to sort, then watch them pop! I love to spin and surprise you! Press my spaceship and watch me blast off into the sky as I spin to the top. See if you can sort my 5 different shapes.

    Suitable from 10 months +.

  • Fizzy Dizzy Hippo

    Price £19.99

    Fizzy Dizzy is the fun new game from TOMY.

    Players take turns to grow the Hippo's belly with a press of the fizzy drink that Hippo is enjoying. The winner is the player who makes the Hippo's belly pop!

  • Screwball Scramble Games & Jigsaws
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    Screwball Scramble

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    • Race to beat the clock as you take on the Screwball Scramble through this topsy-turvey crazy maze!
    • Use skill and coordination to guide the screwball: rock it across a tilting walkway, swing it across with the crane, shimmy over the parallel bars, wobble across the table maze and more!
    • When you've finished, catapult the screwball against the bell and stop the clock!
  • This John Deere 6M tractor faithfully reflects the styling of the company's new generation of farm machinery with its distinctive, sleek headlight design. There's a detailed driver's cabin, big tread tyres, superb interior detail and working steering wheel. Tow hitch is compatible with other Britains Farmyard ...

  • Mini Pop Up Pirate

    Price £39.99

    Get down on the farm with the Britains Big Farm John Deere 6830S tractor with its detachable front loader that rises, drops and pivots.

  • Burp the Baby Games & Jigsaws
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    Burp the Baby

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    Take turns with trying to burp Bob the baby, but watch out! Burp him too much and you'll be in for a surprise! When Baby Bob starts crying take turns patting him until he stops crying. While Bob is laughing pass him around. When he cries again, the player holding Bob must burp him until he laughs. If Bob continues to cry and throws up that player is out.  Burp Bob without getting wet to win!

  • TOMY Beat It Egg

    Price £14.99

    Tap me the shell on my head with the chunky spoon and watch me wobble and rock as I dance along to your beat! Choose from four different modes: Do-Re-Mi, where I play a new note every time you tap me.

      • Authentic 1:32 scale die cast metal/plastic replica defender Pick-up version of classic vehicle finished in red Features enclosed driver's cab with interior detail From three-years plus,Constructed from die cast metal and plastic,Compatible with most 1:32 scale Britain's models
  • Crazy claw game Games & Jigsaws
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    Crazy claw game

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    This fun game for 5 year olds and up takes inspiration from the challenging arcade claw machines that have made adults and kids sweat for years!

  • Drumond Park Crazy Claw Game Games & Jigsaws
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    wally washer

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    THEY'LL DO THE WASHING! Wally the Washer is a fantastic washing machine based junior board game with a drum that really revolves. All kids are fascinated by washing machines and Wally is no exception!