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  • Playmobil Ski Lesson Playmobil
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    Playmobil Speedboat

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    Enjoy the sights aboard the Playmobil 9428 Family Fun Floating Speedboat with Underwater Motor. The floating set comes complete with an underwater motor for extra speed and extra fun! When you reach your destination, the engines can be lifted up. Also includes an attachment and board for wakeboarding.
    Recommended for ages 4+
  • The Playmobil 70225 Novelmore Wolf Team comes with 2 figures, wearing their uniforms and comes complete with headgear and 5 wolves to pull the accompanying trailer. This comes with 2 water projectiles and 2 piston bullets to defend their land. Playmobil toys help to stimulate imagination and creativity, promoting children's development as they role-play, create and experience the world in miniature form.Stimulates senses for good imagination developmentRobust materials for years of playMakes playtime come to life!5+

  • Extinguishes fires with real water. The water pump can be connected to the Fire Ladder Unit, Fire Engine, and Fire Truck (9463, 9464, and 9466 - each sold separately).

    Recommended for ages 5+

  • The entourage carries their Dwarf King on the shield.

    - The carrying plate can be held at different heights by the two side and front handles.
    - With rotating foot clamp

    Recommended for ages 5+

  • Gather sand in the large bucket and then use the scoop to fill the ice cream and waffle molds. Bucket (capacity 7 cups) comes with a sieve.
  • The Playmobil Child in Wheelchair is a great addition to the Children's hospital range. After seeing the cheery printed plaster casts and the toy Dad has brought along, the Child in Wheelchair is soon smiling again.
    Recommended for ages 4+