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  • Hama 10,000 Beads &...

    Price £14.99

    Reusable bucket with approximately 10,000 assorted Midi Hama Beads in the following 22 colours: White, Cream, Yellow, Orange, Red, Pink, Purple, Blue, Light Blue, Green, Light Green, Dark Brown, Grey, Black, Reddish Brown, Light Brown, Flesh, Beige, Olive Green, Claret, Burgundy, Turquoise. Plus the following five pegboards: Butterfly, Car, Flower, Mouse, Seahorse.

  • Create amazing Fire & Rescue inspired designs following the design sheets provided, or create your own freestyle masterpieces with Hama Beads! Develop your creativity by producing colourful bead designs on the plastic pegboards; to make a model the beads can be ironed using the special ironing paper. 5+

  •  Create colourful mermaids by placing the beads onto the pegboard, then iron using the special ironing paper to fuse the beads together. You'll be left with a permanent design, and there are bead supports provided to show it off upright. The set includes 4,000 beads, two pegboards, bead supports, string, colour design sheet, instructions, ironing paper and a storage tray.

  • Toymaster Voucher

    Price £5.00

    A voucher that can be used here at Grovers or any UK Toymaster store. Find your nearest here:

    You can create various amounts by adding various figures together - "continue shopping"