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  • Skate your way up the ramp with the Extreme Sports Carry Case. Enclosed in this compact take-along case, kids will find everything they need for some adventurous sports activities, such as a skateboard, mountain bike, and rollerblades! When playtime is over, simply store the pieces inside the case for next time!

    Aged 4+

  • Playmobil Ski Lesson

    Price £13.99
    In the children's ski class, the ski instructor wears a bear suit to add fun to teaching the children to ski.
    - removable bear suit.
    - includes winter sports equipment, such as skis, poles, helmets, removable ski goggles and children's gloves. The instructor uses accessories such as archways and penguin balloons that are used as slalom poles.
    Recommended for ages 4+
  • Fun in the snow, whether on skis, with the snowboard or the snow tube.
    - includes winter equipment, such as carving skis, poles, snowboard, snow tube, as well as removable helmet and gloves.
    - the snow tube has a foot clamp for a child figure, and 2 handles to secure an adult figure.
    Recommended for ages 4+