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Action Figures

Action Figures

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  • Perfect for family trips, the Sunshine Nursery Bus has everything your Sylvanians need for an exciting trip out of the meadow. It can be taken apart for easy transport.

  • Blume series 1

    Price £9.99

    A new friendship is a surprise away! Blume girls magically grow to meet you and play!

  • Silverlit Chimpy Robot Action Figures
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    Silverlit Chimpy Robot

    Regular price £19.99 Price £14.99

    Monkey around with the fun loving dancing robot Chimpy! Pinch one of his ears and he'll walk, or pinch both ears and watch Chimpy go wild with funny noises. Touch Chimpy's tummy to calm him down and maybe he'll fart! Includes 3 sensors for Chimpy to react to your every touch, articular joints for different funny postures and silly sound effects.

    Age 3 years +

  • Silverlit Ruffy Puppy...

    Price £14.99

    Take home your own robotic pet with the Ruffy Puppy!

    This lively little puppy is interactive, animated and of course, adorable!

    Touch with 1 finger to go left or right and use 2 fingers to go forward. Touch Fuffy's chest to hear him bark and make lots of different sound effects.

    Age 3 years +

  • Dinosaur Set 6pc

    Price £14.99

    Megasaurs 6 Dinosaur Figure Box Set

    Re-Create Dinosaur Scenes with these fantastic and highly detailed figures 

    Suitable from ages 3+

  • Toymaster Voucher

    Price £5.00

    A voucher that can be used here at Grovers or any UK Toymaster store. Find your nearest here:

    You can create various amounts by adding various figures together - "continue shopping"