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  • Brand: Epoch
  • Brand: Grovers
  • Sylvanian Families...

    Price £19.99

    4 poseable dressed figures

    Collectable Figures with moveable arms and legs. 4 piece set: Father, Mother, Brother and Sister

    Age 3+

  • 1 shop, 1 counter, 1 stand, 1 signboard, 1 pitcher, 2 syrups, 2 glasses, 2 spoons, 5 soft serve ice creams, 2 parfaits, 5 cones, 2 biscuit ice cream, 2 napkins

    Age 3+

  • Toymaster Voucher

    Price £5.00

    A voucher that can be used here at Grovers or any UK Toymaster store. Find your nearest here:

    You can create various amounts by adding various figures together - "continue shopping"

  • Wander through town in the evenings and enjoy Sylvanian Village in the dark with the Light Up Street Lamp. Its three-bulb style gives out a warm glow to ensure you don’t get lost – you can even choose between a regular or flickering mode to create different atmospheres. (one battery included)

  • Laundry & Vacuum Cleaner features a dial on the washing machine that can be turned to spin the drum. Turning the drum gives the impression of water flowing inside the machine. The hand-held vacuum can be removed from the main unit. The vacuum cleaner can be used as a standalone unit. Combining with other houses and furniture from the town series creates even greater opportunities for fun (sold separately). Includes: Washing Machine, Vacuum Cleaner, Hand-Held Vacuum, Bin, Towel (a total of 5 pieces).

  • A tree house for the babies to clamber on during their play break. It comes with a Walnut Squirrel Baby figure so you can play straight away.

  • Toot-toot! Come aboard the Baby Choo-Choo Train for a little adventure . He picks up his baby friends at the station and takes them around on a fun ride on the track.This set includes the baby train with two cars that fit one baby each, one Bear baby, a railroad crossing with a movable gate, and a station for the babies to wait at for their turn to board the train.

  • The Sweet Raspberry Home is the perfect choice for those expanding their Sylvanian Families collection! This set features a one-storey house with an amazing entrance terrace and red roof. It includes Chocolate Rabbit Baby, baby bed with a slide, so you can play with this set right away!

    With its large interior and high ceiling, little hands can fit inside for easy play.

  • Your Sylvanian Families will love cooking together in this detailed kitchen with over 35 accessory pieces.

    Fill the five-compartment fridge-freezer with fruit and vegetables, ice-cream and more. Store the pots, pans and utensils on the sink or stovetop dresser or imagine cooking delicious meals on the stove and in the oven.

  • Three piece set comprised of father, mother and daughter

    Dressed in removable fabric clothing

    Suitable for ages 4 years and above

  • It’s time to say hello to the Woolly Alpaca Family! Father Andre Woolly is a keen knitter. Mother Ariana Woolly has the sweetest voice in all of Sylvanian. Sister Fiorella Woolly takes after her parents. Baby Brother Gabriel Woolly has the biggest, cutest of smiles and never fails to surprise his family. They can't wait to meet you!

  • Baby Castle Playground

    Price £14.99

    Come and join rabbit baby Crème Chocolate as she explores the Baby Castle Playground!

    Includes 1 figure!

  • Every day at nursery school will be just like a fairy tale come true for your Sylvanian babies at the Baby Castle Nursery!