3-1 Sky-Watcher Motherboard PCB Dobsonian Sky-Liner Synscan

Side panel for Sky-Watcher Dobsonian MC004 Rev F

Replacement side panel for new MC004 Rev F. PCB SkyWatcher Skyliner Dobsonian telescopes.

This may be for the ALT or AZ motor side - the covers are different - please specify!

We will need an image of your side panel & PCB to comment or supply the right parts.

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Do not touch the electronic boards with hands directly. It would be better to use Anti-static gloves.

Please note the motherboard/PCB & screws are not included.

Install 1:

a. Remove the five screws and the knob in image 1-1, unplug the 3 cables successively;

b. Plug the three cables to the new side cover according to image 1-2;

c. Assemble and tighten those screws and knob removed from Step a on the cover of new ALT PCB kit successively.

Install 2:

a. Remove the five screws and the knob in image 2-1, unplug the cables successively; 

b. Plug the cables to the new bottom cover according to image 2-2;

c. Assemble and tighten those screws and knob removed from Step a on the cover of new AZM PCB kit successively.

Install 3

a. Remove the five screws and the knob in image 2-1 unplug the cables successively;

b. Remove the four screws in image 3-1, replace the old MC004 board with the new board and tighten it with the four screws.

c. Plug the cables to the bottom cover according to image 2-2;

d. Assemble and tighten those screws and knob removed from Step a on the cover successively.

MC004 Rev F

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