Sky-Watcher Motherboard PCB Dobsonian Sky-Liner Synscan Spares

Sky-Watcher Motherboard PCB Dobsonian MC004 Rev F

These boards are being discontinued in favour of a WiFi upgrade. You will need to upgrade both boards on your scope. Please contact Grovers to check availability before ordering.

Replacing the now upgraded MC004 Rev F. PCB

We will need to know if it is the ALT or AZ PCB you are replacing - as there is a difference.

Also we must have an image of the side of the telescope to know the fitting requirements for the PCB.

Your side panel cover may possibly require replacing with a new part that fits the new style PCB (see listing below & not inc)

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4 months - from SkyWatcher PRC


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Do not touch the electronic boards with hands directly. It would be better to use Anti-static gloves.

Please note the screws are not included.

Install 1:

a. Remove the five screws and the knob in image 1-1, unplug the 3 cables successively;

b. Plug the three cables to the new side cover according to image 1-2;

c. Assemble and tighten those screws and knob removed from Step a on the cover of new ALT PCB kit successively.

Install 2:

a. Remove the five screws and the knob in image 2-1, unplug the cables successively; 

b. Plug the cables to the new bottom cover according to image 2-2;

c. Assemble and tighten those screws and knob removed from Step a on the cover of new AZM PCB kit successively.

Install 3

a. Remove the five screws and the knob in image 2-1 unplug the cables successively;

b. Remove the four screws in image 3-1, replace the old MC004 board with the new board and tighten it with the four screws.

c. Plug the cables to the bottom cover according to image 2-2;

d. Assemble and tighten those screws and knob removed from Step a on the cover successively.

MC004 Rev F

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