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  • Celestron Astromaster Accessory Kit
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    Celestron Astromaster...

    Regular price £79.95 Price £69.95

    Get more enjoyment from your telescope with the Celestron AstroMaster Accessory Kit.  Inside the plastic, foam-lined carry case you’ll find these accessories:

  • Celestron Labs CL-CM2000CF Compound Microscope
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    Celestron CM2000CF Microscope

    Regular price £259.00 Price £99.95

    The Celestron Labs CM2000CF Compound Microscope offers all the advanced features you’re looking for at an economical price

  • Celestron Skymaster Pro 20x80
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    Celestron Skymaster 20x80...

    Regular price £278.95 Price £269.95

    These powerfiul & bright SkyMaster Pro binoculars with Pro StarPointer are the ideal choice for astronomers. This excellent red-dot finder makes star-hopping navigation easy

  • Celestron Skymaster Pro 15x70
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    • Pack

    Celestron Skymaster Pro...

    Regular price £218.95 Price £209.95

    Compared to lower-priced large aperture binoculars, SkyMaster Pro uses superior optics, coatings, internal parts and housing materials. This bundle includes the excellent StarPointer Pro & is ideal for use in astronomy

  • Celestron TrailSeeker 65mm Straight XLT 16-48x
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    Celestron TrailSeeker 65mm...

    Regular price £170.00 Price £119.00

    Fantastic scope at an unrepeatable offer!

    The TrailSeeker spotting scope series offers an amazing viewing experience in a rugged and durable rubber armored housing that is fully waterproof and Nitrogen filled. The optical system with proprietary XLT multi-coatings renders high resolution images with outstanding contrast while the dual focus mechanism allows you to get subjects in focus quickly and then fine tune the image.

  • Konig 60mm Refractor Home Grovers Optics
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    Konig 60mm Refractor

    Regular price £59.95 Price £49.95

    This easy to operate telescope is ideal for beginners and perfect for views of the moon and some of the brighter objects in the night sky.

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  • Sky-Watcher 76mm Astrolux Telescopes - Available Now Grovers
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    Sky-Watcher 76mm Astrolux

    Regular price £110.00 Price £95.00

    The highly affordable Sky-Watcher ASTROLUX allows the younger user to take their first steps into the fascinating world of astronomy

  • Sky-Watcher EQ2 R.A Motor Drive Handset Motor and GoTo Upgrades
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    Sky-Watcher EQ2 R.A Motor...

    Regular price £79.95 Price £69.95

    Can be fitted to our EQ2 equatorial mount & rovides multi-speed (1x/2x4x) motor tracking of the RA. axis

  • Sky-Watcher Mercury 705 AZ-3 Telescopes - Available Now Grovers
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    Sky-Watcher Mercury 705 AZ-3

    Regular price £169.00 Price £149.00

    A two-element refractor, with ‘Rich-Field’ views of comets, star fields, star clusters, nebulae, bright galaxies & planets, the Moon and the Sun (with safety filtering!), as well as giving excellent daytime terrestrial views

  • Sky-Watcher Mercury 707 Telescopes - Available Now Grovers
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    Sky-Watcher Mercury 707

    Regular price £119.00 Price £98.95

    With its larger 70mm multi-coated objective lens, it will provide more rewarding views of the Moon, stars, bright planets and other night sky objects

  • Opticron Countryman BGA HD+ Roof Prism Binoculars 8x42
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    Used - Opticron 8x42...

    Regular price £349.00 Price £249.00

    Nearly new & in ecelllent condition, still with Opticron's 30 year warranty. Designed and built to deliver exceptional performance in a lightweight rugged body, the Countryman BGA HD+ are an ideal choice for anyone searching for superior light transmission & cross field definition coupled with great handling.

    Countryman BGA HD+ binoculars are supplied complete in a soft case with rainguard, neoprene strap and rubber objective lens covers.

  • Opticron T4 Trailfinder WP Roof Prism Binoculars 10x42
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    Used - Opticron T4...

    Regular price £149.00 Price £119.00

    Nearly new & in ecelllent condition, still with Opticron's 5 year warranty. The Opticron T4 Trailfinder’s clever combination of wide-angle optics and fast focus system