Baader OTP II 19W: Outdoor Telescope Power Switch with Elbowed
  • Baader OTP II 19W: Outdoor Telescope Power Switch with Elbowed

Baader OTP II 19W Outdoor Telescope Power

Ideal for the travelling amateur astronomer Successor to the previous 19W Outdoor Power Supply Made for outdoor use at cold temperatures

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This Outdoor Telescope Power (OTP) unit has been specially designed to meet the needs of amateur astronomers at northern latitudes. It has a 12.8 V/1.5 A fixed voltage power supply with reverse polarity protected protective-disconnect elbowed plug that fits to all smaller Celestron mounts (e.g Advanced GT, NexStar SE, NexStar SLT, LCM, CPC) and offers great advantages at a slightly higher price compared to normal indoor plug-in power supplies. It also fits all other common telescope mounts and devices with this power requirement and plug (tip positive/plus inside, plug diameter 5.5mm)

When used outside in the cold voltage will reduce with temperature. Already at -10°C the remaining voltage output may have gone down to only 10.5V. The motors of many telescope mounts will behave erratically at such low voltage. Especially the motor driver electronics then tries to replace the missing voltage by draining ever more Amps until both power supply and mount electronics will stall or become damaged. Many users then blame the mount instead of checking whether an inadequate power supply may be the culprit.

The Outdoor-Telescope-Power II power supply unit therefore offers 1.5 A/12V DC voltage all across the AC voltage range from 100 to 240V that is common worldwide. Even at extreme cold temperatures, the voltage cannot drop so low that the electronic components or the motors of a telescope mount would suffer damage. With 1.5 Amp/19 Watt continuous output, there is sufficient power reserve even at full load, even with heavy instrument loads on the mount and large load changes. In addition to the increased outdoor voltage, the working temperature has been designed for -25° to +40° .

The connecting cord between the power supply unit and the elbow plug measures 2.5m in length, so that the power supply unit will not become a trip-hazard and can be conveniently placed near the floor. The elbowed plug does protect the power cable from accidental breakage and especially the telescope power input socket from damage when actually someone would trip over the cable. When the cable becomes tightened, the connecting elbowed plug will release the cable without ripping or damaging the power socket affixed in the telescope.

The unit's housing is protected against moisture but it is not waterproof


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