Baader Log-Pot Illuminator
  • Baader Log-Pot Illuminator

Baader Log-Pot Illuminator

This is the new Illuminator to replace the old light source of the Microguide eyepiece #2404300

The new red Log-Pot Illuminator has a very wide (Logarythmic) range of brightness control.

Will also fit Celestron RACI finderscopes, though will only go in 1.5 turns.

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This means it starts with very dim lighting and very gradually increases to very high brightness - with the final increase in brightness being completed with two distinctive "steps".

The red illuminated crosshair of this finder eyepiece can be seen clearly during the day, but likewise it can be dimmed to an ever so minute glare - so that even finest guide stars or stellar details remain visible without being washed out in a bright red glare.

The new Baader Log-Pot-Illuminator does not look any different than the old model on the outside but it has the Baader-Logo engraved at the side. The thread in the nose piece is an M8 thread (with pitch 0.75mm). This is the standard thread for recticle eyepiece connections for 25 years now.

Please note that recent trends mean that some illuminated eyepieces are being manufactured with a female M8 thread that has a 1mm pitch instead of the 0.75mm mentioned above, so please ensure that this illuminator is compatible with your equipment prior to purchase


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