Baader 2 Inch Refractor Glasspath & Coma Corrector 1:1.7
  • Baader 2 Inch Refractor Glasspath & Coma Corrector 1:1.7

Baader 2" Refractor Glasspath & Coma Corrector 1:1.7

This corrector has a large clear aperture to avoid vignetting while coatings on all glass to air surfaces ensure extremely high transmission rates and eliminate off axis stray light giving extremely high contrast bright images, a must have for use with the Bino viewer.

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When adding accessories to a refractor telescope, sometimes a little more back focus is needed to achieve a nice crisp image, this means that some accessories (such as a Binocular viewer) can struggle to achieve focus, one solution was to use a barlow lens to try and extend the focal plane, this, however successful, increases magnification and reduces field of view.

Baader, in collaboration Zeiss optical designers, have designed and built this specific coma correcting focus extender for use specifically with Refractor telescopes not only does this product remove Coma, but it also incorporates a glass path corrector to reduce the chromatic abberation and spherical abberation inherent in bino viewers.

T-2 Diagonal #2456100 is needed to use this effectively, the optical distances on this product must be observed closely so we only recommend this diagonal for use with this product. T-2 diagonal (#2456100) sold separately.


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