Astromedia Goethe Wall Barometer
  • Astromedia Goethe Wall Barometer

Astromedia Goethe Wall Barometer

Our Goethe Wall Barometer is hand blown from a traditional glass formula called “forest glass” in Lauscha, Thuringia in Germany. It is a copy of the original barometer from 1792/93 that was found in Goethe’s house in Weimar after his death. The slight green tinge of the glass and its texture make it look like a real antique. 

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The barometer is a sealed glass vessel with a long open spout and a glass ring on the top so it can be hung on the wall. On a day with average air pressure, fill the barometer about halfway with boiled or distilled water. You can use the enclosed dye tablet to colour the water, which increases the visibility of the water level in the spout. The higher the air pressure rises, the lower the water level in the spout will be. This indicates fair weather. If the air pressure drops, usually an indication of bad weather or a storm, the water level in the spout rises. 

Make sure you don’t overfill the barometer to avoid water stains on your furniture or carpet when the pressure drops very low. To ensure accurate pressure readings, hang the barometer in a place with constant temperature (not over a radiator or in direct sunshine).

A very decorative instrument, an interesting conversation piece, and a great present!

(The barometer is made from glass and children should only handle it under adult supervision!)

Height: 245mm, Width 102mm,   Depth: 80mm

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