AstroMedia Tippe Top
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AstroMedia Tippe Top

A spinning top that turns upside-down when spun fast enough!

The Tippe Top was invented by the Munich nurse Helene Sperl at the end of the last century. The centre of gravity of the Tippe Top lies below the centre of the sphere.

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 This is the reason it acts like a roly-poly self righting toy, with the handle always pointing upwards. Nevertheless, when you spin it fast enough, the handle quickly starts pointing sideways. A bit later it touches the ground and the Tippe Top flips over completely. It then continues to spin on its handle until it stops and falls over.

A lovely toy for children and intriguing to watch for the scientifically minded adult.

Bag with 3 wooden Tippe Tops

Diameters: 25mm, 32mm, and 39mm


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