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The Royal Cubit played a central part in the culture of ancient Egypt since its very beginnings 5000 years ago and is therefore one of the very first standards of measurement. In nearly every historical egyptian building and artefact you can find parts made to fractions or multiples of this cubit

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Beautifully made cubits, sometimes cladded with gold, were dedicated to temples or were used as burial gifts. Six wooden cubits were found in Tutankhamun’s grave, for example.

This carefully designed replica of the cubit of Amenemope, a royal cicil servant under King Horemheb, lets you touch ancient history! The hieroglyphs of the divisions (finger, hand, fist, span, upper arm, etc) are easily recognised and the centimetre and inch scales on the bottom allow for interesting comparisons to modern measurements.

Our Royal Cubit is made from beautifully gold-printed cardboard and can be assembled in under 30 minutes. It is a fantastic present for everybody interested in ancient egyptian history and a great subject for history lessons at school.

Dimensions: 523 x 42 x 20 mm

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