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AstroMedia Day-Night Lamp

In 1910 the German Poet Christian Morgenstern wrote a poem about an inventor and his “Tagnachtlampe”, a lamp that turns day into night when you switch it on. 49 years later, Carl Barks had his Gyro Gearloose invent a similar device, the “gloom light”. Both ideas were never realised, not even filed for patent!

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Our Day-Night Lamp takes a tiny amount of light during day time (so the day is darkened by a tiny amount), stores it in a battery, and lets it shine through an amber LED at night.

A perfect night light for the bedroom window sill!

Cardboard kit (not pre-cut) including solar panel with switch, rechargeable battery, and LED.

Construction time: 45 min

Dimensions: 120 x 120 x 85 mm

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