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Alan Davies and Phill Jupitus try out upside down goggles - QI Series N Episode 8: Preview - BBC Two

These amazing Reversing Goggles allow you to view the world upside down! The plastic goggles hold two Dove prisms, which invert the image.

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Back in 1896 the American scientist George Stratton conducted an experiment to see what would happen if he viewed the world through an inverting prism. He found that after 4 days, his brain started to compensate, and he could see the world the right way up again. 

The kit includes a lightweight, ventilated plastic housing, two prism holders made from MDF (medium density fibreboard), two high quality Dove prisms in lightweight plexiglass giving a 35x20mm view, plus a small file for smoothing edges.

An hour of assembly is required. You will need a protractor (ot tri-square) in order to measure a right angle and some "super-glue gel" that hardens quickly. We recommend buying matt black paint & suitable brush to black-out the peripheral surfaces (see image). This will increase the quality of the view better than using black electrical tape (which reflects light internally & traps air).

The assembly instructions are downloadable below, please take a look so you are confident of the assembly.

Alternatively you can but the Reversing Goggles assembled. This would be complete with black matt enamel painted prisms. Please select from the option above.

Package Dimensions & Weight: 25x25x15cm 1.0kg


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