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The principle of this thermometer was discovered by Galileo Galilei: Suspended in the liquid inside the cylinder are a number of weights which are attached to sealed glass bulbs.

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As the liquid in the cylinder changes temperature, its density changes and the bulbs rise or fall to a position where their density is either equal to that of the surrounding liquid or until they bounce against other bulbs. The bulbs differ in density by a very small amount and are ordered in a way that the least dense is at the top and densest at the bottom so that they form a temperature scale. The temperature can be read from an engraved metal disc on each bulb.

This Galileo Thermometer is specifically made for AstroMedia with a range of 18ºC-24ºC and an accuracy of 1ºC. Most other thermometers of this kind only show the temperature in 2ºC steps.

A beautiful instrument, very decorative, and a wonderful present!

Height: 30cm

Contains 7 coloured glass bulbs with silver degree signs.


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