Baader Reducer 2 Inch / 1.25 Inch
  • Baader Reducer 2 Inch / 1.25 Inch

Baader Reducer 2" / 1.25"

Convert your 2" focuser to use with 1.25" eyepieces.

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Baaders very useful clamps are used here to spread the grip of your eyepieces around the full width of the nose piece to prevent any damage from pressure, whilst at he same time producing a tremendous amount of grip, another feature is T-2 threads on eyepiece side for incorporating this accessory further into your T-2 arrangement, for example T-2 Extension tubes #1508154 or #1508153 for afocal projection.


Nosepiece side has 48mm filter threads (M48x0.75) and also recessed T-2 threads (M42x0.75) 
Eyepiece side has a removable ring that exposes male T-2 threads.


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