Kendrick DUAL Channel Dew Heater Strap Controller - 2x Channels 4x outputs
  • Kendrick DUAL Channel Dew Heater Strap Controller - 2x Channels 4x outputs

Kendrick Micro Single Ch Dew Controller (2 Outputs)

The Micro Controller is designed for Astronomers and Astrophotographers who want the best in lightweight, compact, Grab'n'Go gear.
Despite its small size, this controller is not small in its performance or build quality. It is well built using high quality components and well thought out.
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A 12v DC power source is all you need to power the Micro Dew Controller and a 12v Car Lighter Socket adapter and cord are included. Also compatible with Tracer portable outdoor batteries.
This new version of the Micro controller comes with our standard RCA connectors. It will usable with our heater lines.
The Kendrick Micro Dew Controller is recommended for: 
- Travel Astro photography with mounts like the iOptron Skytracker or SkyGuider, to keep things small and portable.
- Grab 'n go observing with a small telescope. For RDF try product code: RDF-HEATER. For small telescope objectives use product code DEWH-34.
- To use a high power dew heater on your Spotting Scope to keep condensation off an insulated scope lens (product code: DEWH-34-DSLR)
- Use with movie cameras and video cameras with high power heater to keep condensation off large multi-element lens (product code: DEWH-34-DSLR)
- Weighing only 30 grams, it won't affec the balance of your Dobsonian upper tube assembly, and can be placed inside an eyepiece box or wherever else one may wish to mount the controller. The mounting tabs are convenient for anyone who wants to mechanically mount the controller with screws to a Dobsonian telescope base.
- The controller has two slotted tabs that can be used to attach the supplied lanyard so that the controller may be hung from a convenient location. 
- Velcro tabs are also provided if you prefer to "stick" the controller to your telescope or mount. 
- Compatible with Tracer outdoor batteries sold separately.
NOTE: There are two versions of this controller. The version described here has two 12v RCA outputs for dew heaters, and a second DSLR-friendly version (Product code: KAI-2001-MICRO-D) with one heater output, and one output at 8v DC for DSLR cameras, allowing a photographer to prevent dew and power the camera from one box. This feature will require the purchase of the DSLR DC Battery couplers and cables (Product codes starting with: KAI-208...)
TECH SPECS for the Kendrick Micro Controller:
ELECTRICAL SPECS: 12 to 28v DC, 7 amps.
Single channel, two (2) RCA outputs for heater attachment.
Simple rotary knob control.
LED Power status indication.
Low voltage cut-off control. (a Kendrick standard!). IMPORTANT NOTE on this feature.
RFI Clean. A must for CCD imagers!
Pulse Width Modulation duty cycle control.
Reverse polarity protected (a Kendrick standard!).
Fused on board with Auto Reset. (the provided power cord is fused as well at 7 amps)
Mating Terminal Block power input. This will allow users to terminate the controller power cable in a connector of their choice.
Fused power cable included (cigarette lighter plug).
Weight: 1.6 oz (30 grams)
Dimensions (excluding tabs): 65mm x 36mm x 25mm (2.56" x 1.4" x 1.0")
(including tabs): 80mm x 36mm x 25mm (3.15" x 1.4" x 1.0")

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