EU Business to Business Sales

We are pleased to take tax free orders from EU Businesses who are VAT tax registered. If you are making a business purchase from within the EU, (excluding UK), then please follow the steps below:

1. Register on our website as a customer. Please complete - Company Name, Complete Address, Contact details. Then "Save" the details.
2. Now go into "My Addresses" & then "Update". Please enter your "VAT" (Tax) Registration detail. Then "Save" the details.

The website will verify the details you have provided. If the details can not be verified the website will reject the VAT Tax details. You will still be able to shop but not tax free.
Once this process is correct & complete & you are logged in, the prices will be excluding tax.
In case of difficulty you may find this page useful:

We also have consumer & business tax free shopping for the following countries:

Non EU European countries
New Zealand