These three popular telescopes are in some ways similar, as they are Newtonian reflectors with a 130mm aperture. They are not the smallest telescopes and so are brighter, allowing you to see more detail in the night sky. What is different is the mount or tripod they come with. Each come with two eyepieces and you can use others as well as filters and even imaging cameras. These telescopes are all popular, yet are on quite different mounts and here's why:

Celestron Nexstar 130 SLT

GoTo telescopes feature a mount that guide the telescope to 1000s of objects in the night sky. Having a "computerised" telescope is like having an expert by your side, showing you the night sky. They are not difficult to use - they are popular because they are easy to use, save time and allow you to see more. So don't worry about the science - it's as easy as it can be.
This model is the cheapest GoTo we recommend. It's bright and that is important as it means you will see more objects. You do have manual control though batteries or a power supply are required. This model has a two year warranty.

Astronomy does not need to be hard work and most enthusiasts have a GoTo telescope.

Celestron Astromaster 130 EQ

This Celestron 130mm reflector is a great telescope. A budding astronomer can learn how to navigate with an equatorial (EQ) mount. Importantly, as EQ mounts are aligned to the pole star, around which every star moves, it is easy to track by simply rotating a knob. This system is identical in seriously impressive big telescopes - for those who enjoy finding things out for themselves this is ideal.

If you enjoy photography, you can learn how to "image" the night sky without star trails. All thanks to having a polar aligned telescope.

Sky-Watcher Heritage130

This 130mm telescope is on the simplest mount and thus the cheapest. Many choose this telescope because it is easily assembled, is lighter and smaller too (in both use and storage). On a Dobsonian mount, this telescope can be easily manoeuvred as you "star hop" around the night sky. This model is not on the same height as other telescopes. You may want to have a firm surface to place the telescope on.

If you are on a tight budget: It is better to have a larger aperture telescope on a simpler mount - than a less bright telescope.