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  • Butterfly Garden with...

    Price £17.99

    This educational kit gives children, students and families an unforgettable opportunity to watch caterpillars change into chrysalides and then emerge as beautiful Painted Lady Butterflies.

  • Mini Beasts Magnifiers

    Price £1.99

    Shaped like your favourite minibeasts!  These fun magnifiers have a useful wrist strap, allowing them to be easily carried.  With a Minibeast Mini Magnifier, your young adventurers can observe nature wherever and whenever they find it!

    Each roughly 5.5cm

    Ages 4+

  • Living Twig Kit

    Price £14.99

    Raise Indian Stick Insects from a tiny egg.  
    When they hatch (which could take up to two months) feed them bramble leaves, privet or ivy. 
    Watch them moult and grow into adult stick insects in their airy habitat.

  • Compact Butterfly Net

    Price £4.99

    Making catching bugs a breeze!

    This compact net is easy to store and carry, allowing your little ones the chance of miniadventures wherever they go!

  • Nature Scope

    Price £7.99

    This Nature Scope allows for observation of many bugs all at the same time, giving the chance of comparison of insects.

    An ideal learning aid in the correct indentification of species and learning about their individual characteristics.

    17cm diameter

    Ages 4+

  • Bug Magnifying Jar

    Price £3.99

    The Big Bug Magnifying Jar is the perfect place for bug-loving kids to view their critters and keep them safe!

    Its sturdy and shatterproof and designed with kid and critter comfort in mind. The lid has a 3x magnifier for super bug viewing!

  • Butterfly Feeder

    Price £6.99

    Insect Lore's own butterfly feeder makes attracting and caring for butterflies easy! 

    Bright colours and elegant design make it super-functional - at least the butterflies think so!