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  • As a motion detector, the VK10 continually adjusts itself to compensate for ground conditions and gives a sharp signal whenever a target object is found

  • A purely motion metal detector, the VK20 Metal Detector is the first model in our range to feature the useful Target ID facility. With discrimination control to help determine whether a target is worth digging or not

  • Two detectors in one, the VK30 Metal Detector features both Motion and Non-Motion detection modes. Use the VK30’s Motion mode with Discrimination to detect and determine whether a target is worth digging, and then use the Pinpoint pushbutton to accurately locate the object.

  • With our larger concentric polo-style search head it features a deep seeking All-Metal mode and Pinpoint pushbutton for accurate locating of targets

  • Combining the simplicity of our VK10 with the power of a concentric search coil the VK10+ is a perfect detector for those that want performance without complexity

  • Viking has been manufacturing and supplying the water industries and other major utilities with metal detection equipment since the 1970's

  • This is the perfect book for anyone interested in metal detecting, Written by Dave Crisp, Finder of the 2010 Frome Hoard, it gives invaluable information for any detectorist, from the absolute beginner, to those with years of experience. Written in a humourous, easy to read style, and packed with information to help you get the most out our great hobby!

  • Top of our range, the features that set the VK40 Metal Detector apart from the rest of the Viking range are its concentric search head and membrane keypad control system. The large search head allows objects to be detected deeper, while the keypad allows quick switching between detection modes. Allows the metal detector to be set up as desired and retain those settings whilst not in use.