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  • The water resistant neoprene Rain Cover is designed to slide over digital night vision monocular's within the Signal range, whilst allowing unhindered use of the device. The Rain Cover provides long-term protection against precipitation when the device is in the working position

  • Yukon Advanced Optics...

    Price £359.00

    The long standing Ranger 6.5x42 Series is now available in an RT model. The Ranger RT 6.5x42 S includes Stream Vision technology for movie capture, remote control via Smartphone and many more features. It also has a MicroUSB port so it can be powered by the Yukon PB8i Power Bank (YU-29110) and a 2x digital zoom.

  • Yukon NV 5x60

    Price £199.00

    The Yukon NV 5x60 offers the highest magnification from any budget monocular unit in the current Yukon range. With focusable objective and ocular lenses for greater control, it is the large multi-coated 60mm objective lens which maximises light transmission to the premium Gen 1 image intensifier tube. 

  • Yukon MPR Player Recorder

    Price £192.00

    The Yukon MPR (Mobile Player/Recorder) is an ultra-compact and lightweight digital recording device designed to work with any Yukon, Newton and Pulsar products that have a video out facility. With its built-in 2.5” LCD screen, the unit can record and playback video in AVI format at one of four optional resolutions via the 160Mb of built-in memory or via an SD memory card (up to 32Gb).