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  • Vosker V100-INTL 4G...

    Price £349.00

    Introducing the VOSKER V100-INTL, a 4G Cellular Camera, which can be used to monitor wildlife and construction sites. There is no need for the use of Wi-Fi thanks to the use of the 4G based mobile connectivity, which can be used to transmit photos to your phone, as well as receive mobile alerts.

    This trail camera features a built-in video mode and the VOSKER SENSE, A.I. Image Recognition, which can be used via the Free VOSKER APP, which helps identify human or vehicle activity in the monitored area.

    Whether it be day or night, the VOSKER V100-INTL can work anywhere with a low data usage and low power.

  • The V200-INTL LTE Solar Cellular Camera is one of the latest Trail Cameras that does not require Wi-Fi, thanks to LTE based mobile connectivity to transmit photos to your phone, as well as featuring a built-in video recorder.

    This weather resistant security camera is powered via a built-in solar panel for maximising battery life and can be charged via a rechargeable battery pack, 8x AA batteries and a 12V external battery pack (optional).