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  • Kowa SVII 32-8 Binoculars

    Price £229.00

    Kowa SV II series Roof prism binoculars are a testament to the brand’s 60 years of optical design heritage. They offer plenty of exciting features such as KR (Kowa Repelling) lens coatings and full waterproofing. 

  • Kowa SVII 42-8 Binoculars

    Price £249.00

    The Kowa SV II 8x42 binocular has all lenses and prisms fully multi-coated providing superior optical performance. A lightweight fully waterproof and nitrogen filled body protects against the elements.

  • Kowa DSLR Digiscoping...

    Price £169.00

    The Kowa TSN-PA7A DSLR digiscoping adapter transforms your KOWA TSN 880/770 series scope into an extremely high powered telephoto lens for you D-SLR, or Mirrorless/MFT camera. 

  • The Kowa TSN-DA10 is perfectly suited to the compact and lightweight Micro Four Thirds camera or mirroless system bodies and compact lenses up to 25mm focal length (MFT) or 50mm (full frame).

  • Kowa DSLR Digiscoping...

    Price £169.00

    Compatible current Kowa System S spotting scopes


    Digiscoping adapter for DSLR, compact system and Micro Four Third camera bodies.

    It’s never been easier to digiscope with your KOWA spotting scope.

  • Compatiable current Kowa System S eyepieces:
    TSE-Z9B (20-60x zoom)
    TE-14WD (30x wide zoom)
    TSN-550 compact spotting scope

    THe TSN-DA20 digiscoping is also compatible with many historical spotting scopes and eyepieces - use the download tab below to download our full Kowa System S compatability information.

  • A 77mm objective lens in a compact body. With the portability and compactness of a 60mm class scope and the optical performance of an 80mm class scope, this model will satisfy both experienced users and beginners.

  • Kowa TSN-663M Spotting...

    Price £1,199.00

    These high performance models are the perfect fusion of compactness and high optical performance.
    This Series satisfies the needs of a wide range of users from beginning Bird watchers to scientists and professional researchers.

    TSN-663M Angled spotting scope body
    TE-Z9B 20-60x eyepiece
    C-661 stay-on-case

  • Kowa TSN-82SV Spotting...

    Price £999.00

    Large 82mm objective lens model with outstanding light gathering power, bright field of view and great value.

    TSN-82SV straight spotting scope body
    TE-9Z 20-60x eyepiece
    C-821 stay-on-case

  • Kowa TSN-553 Spotting Scope

    Price £1,599.00

    The TSN-550 series are the first compact travel scopes with a fluorite crystal objective lens. This natural mineral has an outstanding feature of very low dispersion that cannot be found in optical glass.