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  • Red 160 LED Headlight

    Price £14.95

    Essential for astronomy. A red light will preserve your "night vision" so you see as many stars as possible. A headlamp is especially useful as it keeps your hands free for operating a telescope & changing accessories

    If you enjoy discovering the world at night on a night hike, this headlamp makes things safe for you. It shines a light exactly where you need it – in your line of vision

  • With the DigiMicroscope USB 200 it is possible to view different objects under 8-fold LED illumination with a 200-fold magnification ratio. Thanks to its multiple applications, the DigiMicroscope is perfect for research, study, school, work, leisure and hobby.

  • This floating hand grip is the perfect accessory if you are capturing rare, extraordinary moments in or around water and has especially been designed to save your camera if dropped in the water. Give yourself peace of mind when taking photos at the seaside and get this accessory today.

  • Selfie 120 Self-Monopod

    Price £29.95

    Great shots: the extendable selfie stick gives you a much wider perspective so you can take shots of a whole group or take a selfie in front of a large concert stage. The selfie stick extends your arm as well as your photographic possibilities.

    • 2in1 system for 1/4 inch threads and GoPro cameras 
    • This holder allows all smartphones to be mounted on tripods with ¼" tripod mount
    • Screw-on universal mount for units without a tripod thread
    • Extremely flexible for a smartphone width from 5.5 to 8.2 cm (landscape orientation)
    • Compact design
    • Handy tripod for wobble-free pictures and stability on uneven ground with smartphones and digital cameras
    • Screw-connected universal holder for devices without tripod socket
    • Extremely flexible, for a smartphone width from 5.5 - 7.5 cm
    • Ideal for shots taken with the auto-timer
  • Hama Fish-Eye Lens...

    Price £8.95
    • For unusual photo and selfie perspectives with a smartphone and tablet
    • Lens adapter extends the camera on the smartphone / tablet with an optical fish-eye function offering a visual angle of 235°.
    • For an artistic picture effect: photographs the area surrounding the scene in a focused, distorted, hemispherical shape
    • Ideal for fun pictures, e.g. portraits with a big nose and small ears
  • Hama 5 Lens Kit For...

    Price £27.95
    • For unusual photo and selfie perspectives with a smartphone and tablet
    • Five different lenses for five different photo effects: 180° fish eye, 0.65X wide-angle, macro lens, polar filter and 2-way telephoto lens
  • The LensPen is a great tool for all of your optical equipment, including eyepieces, telescopes, spotting scopes, binoculars, microscopes, cameras, lenses, and more. Even your spectacles!

    Good for approximately 500 uses - No liquids are used...nothing to spill or dry out.

  • - Multi-card reader for reading and writing all common kinds and capacities of memory cards 
    - Allows direct data exchange between memory cards 
    - LED function indicator gives information about the connection status of the connected USB devices 
    - USB cable for connection with PC/laptop 
    - Compact card reader, ideal for travel 

  • Hama Over-Ear Stereo...

    Price £11.95

    If you are plugging a pair of headphones into your metal detector, hi-fi system or TV, it is unlikely that you are only going to sit there for 5 minutes wearing them. If you are listening to entire music album or watching a film it could end up being hours before you take them off your ears, which is why maximum wear comfort is must have for the best sound experience.

  • For digital meteorological observation, with a radio clock 
    - The barometer shows the atmospheric pressure, thus allowing you to accurately monitor changes in the weather 
    DC F radio clock which automatically adjusts to the world's most accurate clock 

  • - For digital meteorological observation, with a radio clock 
    - Frost alarm is activated at temperatures between -2°C and +3°C and will wake you up in time for scraping ice off the car windows or for clearing the snow 
    DC F radio clock which automatically adjusts to the world's most accurate clock