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Omegon Radiant Finder with Fastener

Find nebulae in the sky immediately, on the first evening, thanks to this finder. Until you know your way around the night sky really well, you can lose many hours trying to find your way around the stars. The main problem: finding a particular object. This is where the Omegon Radiant will help you because it is completely different to other LED finders. From the very first night you use it, finding even the faintest target will be successful and fun.

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The highlights at a glance:

  • It accompanies you on your journey to the target objects; from now on you can find the objects you’re looking for.
  • Without GoTo but with full navigation; get to know the night sky better than most observers using computer-controlled telescopes.
  • Find even faint deep-sky objects
  • Better navigation: 0.5°, 2° and 4° target circles
  • Dimmable illumination control adaptable to the observation situation
  • Base: the Radiant can be assembled and disassembled at any time

What is so different about the Radiant?

With a normal LED finder you look at a single point in the sky. When searching for an object as a beginner, how can you orientate yourself from a star chart to what you are actually seeing in the sky? You need at least an idea of where to look, a point of reference.

It’s exactly here that the Omegon Radiant offers a solution.

A two-dimensional projection puts you in the picture and you can better estimate distances.

0.5°, 2° and 4°: the secret of the target circle

How do you find objects in the sky? You have a star chart in your hand and you are trying to find an object that you cannot see. Here the Radiant target circles help you. The inner circle covers an area of 0.5 degrees, the middle circle 1 degree, and the outer circle 2 degrees.

Dimmable for bright and very dark locations

The LED illumination is variable from bright to dim, so you can use the Radiant in bright or very dark locations.

The advantage: you don’t lose your eyes’ dark adaption.

Radiant base

Two adhesive strips allow the base of the Radiant to be attached to any telescope tube with a diameter of 10 centimetres or more. Two fixing screws fasten your finder and hold it in the required position.

No more frustration trying to find an object

Nothing is more frustrating than a star cluster, a nebula, or a galaxy that you want to look at but simply cannot find. The evening is a disappointment. This is how it goes for thousands of observers, beginners are especially frustrated by this. However the Radiant finder eliminates this frustration. Even on your very first night you will find the object you are looking for and enjoy your first success.

Who is the Omegon Radiant suitable for?

Whether beginner or advanced, the Radiant is for all observers who want to find their target object more quickly or easily. If you have a manually-controlled Telescope with no GoTo, then the Radiant is for you. Even when, time after time, you have trouble finding an object, with the Radiant you will always succeed.


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