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  • Celestron Photographic Tripod
    • On sale!
    • A super lightweight photographic tripod for use with binoculars, cameras, and small spotting scopes.
    • Adjustable legs & geared center column provide a minimum height of 27” and a max of 63”.
    • Easy attachment of optics via an included quick release plate.
    • Comes with carry handle, bubble levels, and soft sided carrying case.
    • Weigh capacity of approximately 4 pounds.
  • This universal adapter allows a Smartphone or GoPro/Action camera to be mounted onto any tripod, monopod, clamp or suction cup which has a standard 1/4" camera thread.
    Fits most smartphones inc all iPhones except the largest
  • A useful device for use with spotting scopes (and binoculars, with an additional L-Type adaptor code 308 or 309). Designed to clamp to a Table, Window Sill or any other even horizontal surface with a thickness up to 36mm.

    Incorporates a standard 1/4-20 Tripod Bush. Features Micro-elevation and azimuth adjustments.

    Gloss black anodised finish.

  • Constructed from carbon fibre and aluminium, the Kenro GHC1 Carbon Fibre Gimbal Head is designed for use with large telephoto lenses on DSLRs. It features a 360° smooth panning base, and a swinging arm, both of which have separate locks. An elevated tilt mechanism and height-adjustable platform enables the user to perfectly align the tilt axis of the head with the centre of gravity.

  • The Fotomate VT-6006 heavy-duty tripod is suitable for video cameras, DSLR’s and compact digital cameras, as well as for spotting scopes up to 100mm and many binoculars up to 100mm in diameter. Features a highly respectable maximum payload capacity of 6kg and a maximum height of 172cm when the 3-section aluminium legs and geared centre column are fully extended.

  • Manufactured from high quality Magnesium Aluminium Alloy, this tripod is light, stable and durable with an impressive load capacity. Supplied with smooth fluid action video pan head.

  • Ideal for those who travel light, the Velbon Summit VTP-787 is a compact 7-section tripod that folds up to 28cm but extends to 108cm. In other words this can be used as a tabletop tripod or on the ground, while being small enough to fit inside most backpacks.

  • Precision-manufactured in aluminium alloy, the Small Medium Kenro BC1 Advanced Triple Action Ball Head is designed for use with cameras and camcorders that have a maximum weight of 8kg. Durable, reliable, and lightweight, it has a built-in spirit level as well as an Arca Swiss-style quick release plate, and is guaranteed to provide an ultra-stable performance. A fabric carry bag is included.

  • Fotomate VP-106

    Price £29.95

    The Fotomate VP-106 tripod provides an economical platform for video cameras, DSLR’s and compact digital cameras, as well as for spotting scopes up to 80mm and binoculars up to 80mm in diameter. Features a maximum payload capacity of 4kg and a maximum height of 152cm when 3-section aluminium legs and the geared centre column are fully extended.

  • Carbon Fibre Video Monopod Kit is a lightweight, durable and stable video monopod which is manufactured from high quality Carbon Fibre making it light but durable as well as stable in use with an impressive load capacity up to 5kg.

  • - Max height : 61cm
    - Leg diameter: 20mm
    - Max load: 3kg
    - Weght: 568g
    - Material: Aluminium
    - Pan and Tilt
    - Carry case included
    - 3 section channel legs 20 mm
    - Rhombic legs with flip locks
    - 3-way panhead
    - Quick release plate
    - Bubble level
    - Geared braced centre column

  • The Kenro BA1 Standard Dual Action Ball Head is designed for use with cameras and camcorders that weigh up to 5kg. Constructed from aluminium alloy, it is a professional, reliable head that features a built-in spirit level and Arca Swiss-style quick release plate, and that is ideal for use with modern cameras and tripods. A fabric carrying bag is also included, for transportation and storage.

  • Fotomate precision Ball Heads will fit to any tripod with a standard ¼”or 3/8”screw connection. They allow your equipment to be manipulated at any angle and then clamped safely and securely in position. Robustly constructed from aluminium and finished in matt black.

  • The Kenro Standard Carbon Fibre Tripod Kit KENVT102C is manufactured from eight layers of high quality carbon fibre with aluminium alloy castings. It has a maximum working height of 1700mm and a maximum load capacity of 6kg, and is designed for use with camcorders and DSLR cameras. They are covered by a 6-year limited guarantee.

  • Able to carry up to 5kg of weight, the Kenro Standard Video Tripod Kit consists of a 3-section aluminium tripod, and the VH01B fluid head. The flip-lock legs of the tripod allow for fast and easy adjustments, and the angle of the legs can also be adjusted for low-level filming.

    Kenro tripod carries a limited guarantee for 6 years after purchase.