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  • The LensPen is a great tool for all of your optical equipment, including eyepieces, telescopes, spotting scopes, binoculars, microscopes, cameras, lenses, and more. Even your spectacles

  • A high quality flat mirror made from tempered float glass, with aluminium and quartz coating. No ghost images because the reflective surface is on the front of the mirror!

  • AstroMedia Spherical...

    Price £16.49

    The main mirror used in our Newton Telescope: made by BAADER Planetarium from tempered float glass, with aluminium and quartz coating. An excellent mirror for DIY telescopes!

    Mirror diameter: 70 mm

    Thickness: 5 mm

    Focal length: 450 mm

  • Choose Size On Right

    Its surface is covered with concentric grooves that refract the light. Nowadays they find wide use e.g. in light houses and overhead projectors.

    Well suited as magnifying glasses for reading small text. Some In the form of a round magnifying glass with handle, magnification 3x, with good resolution

  • Set of three files (each fine and medium), ideal to smooth and clean edges and burrs of our cardboard kits. Also suitable for wood and soft plastic.

  • High quality lenses made from acrylic glass. The budget solution for all optical experiments. Diameters between 13 and 62 mm, a whole range of different focal lengths

    C: convergent lens

    D: divergent lens

  • High quality single lenses and achromatic systems of two lenses. Ideal for experiments and self-made optical instruments. Diameters between 18 and 50 mm, a whole range of different focal lengths. All lenses are surplus from production lines of optical instruments.

    • 531+532OMG and 550-569OAL
    • Diameters: 15 to 50 mm
    • Focal lengths: +26.5 to +250 mm
  • AstroMedia Prism Kit

    Price £7.49

    A kit for a prism made from acrylic glass. Cast acrylic glass blank with all necessary polishing material to produce a highly transparent prism, instructions included. 

    Suitable for children.