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  • AstroMedia Reversing...

    Price £69.95

    Alan Davies and Phill Jupitus try out upside down goggles - QI BBC Two

    These amazing Reversing Goggles allow you to view the world upside down! The plastic goggles hold two Dove prisms, which invert the image

  • Made from natural hail, Evoco brushes are the perfect all-round brush for many model and hobby uses, keeping their shape and quality long after their first use. Also includes a small tin of paint suitable for Astromedia reversing goggles dove prism.

  • A very special photographic paper from the early days of photography. Just put objects or negatives on the paper and expose it to the sun light. The outlines of the objects will show up as a silhouette.

    Developing and fixation with tap water and without the need of a dark chamber. Made from non-poisonous & recycled paper.

    Pack of 10 sheets, 215 x 280 mm nearly A4 size (which is 210x297mm)

  • A rainbow for indoors! This large crown glass prism projects beautiful spectral colours into your room.

    Hang the prism in a south-west or south-east facing window. When the low standing sun shines through the prism, it projects fields of spectral colours sideways into the room. A slight spin of the prism makes them dance around beautifully.

  • A fascinating gadget: wherever this black film is warmed up to 28°C it changes its colour to red. If the temperature rises above that, the colour changes to orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple. At 34°C it turns black again.