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  • AstroMedia Pseudoscope

    Price £21.95

    In the current hype for 3-D effects and movies it is easily forgotten that the basic principles for these have already been laid down 180 years ago by the English scientist Charles Wheatstone.

  • With this easy to build spectroscope you can examine the spectrum of any light source: glowing bodies (sun, incandescent light bulb), fluorescent lamps, etc. On the nano-meter scale you can read the wave length to 5 nm accuracy. 

  • AstroMedia Periscope

    Price £11.49

    Rugged, intricately printed cardboard kit with two unbreakable, highly polished stainless steel mirrors. This continuously adjustable periscope lifts the eye level by up to 40 cm. It even permits to look behind you and around corners. Great fun and educational too!

    Size: 5.5 x 12.5 x 32(-50) cm

    Periscope Instructions

  • All our modern cameras have one common ancestor - The Camera Obscura: the light of the outside world falls through a pinhole onto the opposite wall of a room and produces an upside-down picture. In the 16th century the camera obscura was greatly improved by an objective lens, which produced much brighter pictures.

  • AstroMedia Magic Lantern

    Price £28.95

    From the 17th century on magic lanterns made a huge impression on fair ground spectators. This is a kit for an elegant and fully functional cardboard replica in original size.

  • Made from natural hail, Evoco brushes are the perfect all-round brush for many model and hobby uses, keeping their shape and quality long after their first use. Also includes a small tin of paint suitable for Astromedia reversing goggles dove prism.

  • A rainbow for indoors! This large crown glass prism projects beautiful spectral colours into your room.

    Hang the prism in a south-west or south-east facing window. When the low standing sun shines through the prism, it projects fields of spectral colours sideways into the room. A slight spin of the prism makes them dance around beautifully.

  • A fascinating gadget: wherever this black film is warmed up to 28°C it changes its colour to red. If the temperature rises above that, the colour changes to orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple. At 34°C it turns black again. 

  • AstroMedia Prism Kit

    Price £17.49

    A kit for a prism made from acrylic glass. Cast acrylic glass blank with all necessary polishing material to produce a highly transparent prism, instructions included - download below

    Size: 22 x 22 x 22 mm. Length: 55 mm

    Suitable for children.