GoPro Hero2 Accessories

GoPro Hero2 Accessories

GoPro Hero2 Accessories

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  • SP Gadgets POV Light

    Price £89.95

    SP-Gadgets is introducing the most versatile, waterproof LED video light with integrated GoPro mounting system.

  • SP Tripod screw arm

    Price £8.95

    Use this handy little adaptor to mount other standard cameras onto your SP Gadgets poles and grips.

  • Organise your Contour camera and accessories with the SP POV case.
    This compact and easy to use case keeps your camera set protected at all times.

  • - For non-jerky images and a steady hold in extraordinary positions, e.g. on smooth walls, ceilings, car windscreens 
    - The 3D ball head allows perfect alignment for shots in portrait and landscape format 
    - For GoPro action cameras and digital cameras with a 1/4" connection thread 
    - 3D ball head with 360° rotation