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Active filters

    • A piggyback ride for your camera. Let your telescope do the driving while your camera takes beautiful wide-angle images of the sky
    • Attaches easily to the top rear of any SCT in minutes
  • Sky-Watcher M48 x0.75...

    Price £21.95

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    The M48 to DSLR Camera adapter lets you attach a DSLR camera directly to the M48 Adapters / Spacer system, as well other field flatteners or reducers with an M48 male rear thread (see associated products).

  • An optically-matched M48-fitting doublet field flattener for Skywatcher's Esprit 100 ED PRO triplet refractor. 

    The M48 fitting provides a large clear aperture to reduce halation and a precision thread ensures the triplet and doublet lens groups are precisely aligned on the optical axis perpendicular to the image. 

  • Baader Microstage...

    Price £44.95

    The Baader MicroStage II enables camera adaption onto almost any telescope, direct on eyepiece, onto spotting scope and many binoculars.

  • Baader T-2 Quick Changer

    Price £31.95

    The T-2 Quick Changer features machined internal dovetail join, and a large knurled thumbscrew for securely clamping the T-2 Change Rings (#2456320, sold separately). 

  • In order to ease the adaptation of Baader 2" filters onto most camera lenses, we produce a general-adapter, to convert from the ASTRO-2" Standard (M48) into a more common photo-standard of SP54 mm. 
    This ring is named: DSLR 2" FilterHolder M48/SP54 (item #240 8166).

  • This is a quick coupler/eyepiece holder for connecting of 1¼" (31.7mm) eyepieces to Zeiss Diascope spotting scopes. 

  • Baader Hyperion Zoom...

    Price £17.00

    This Digital T ring is designed to allow you to fit any camera or other T-2 accessory (device with an T-2 M42x0.75 thread) onto your Hyperion Zoom eyepiece, just screw directly to the top of your eyepiece to utilise the external T-2 threads on this adapter.
    It has an 11mm optical length

    Please note this is for MkI and MkII Zooms only, it will not work with MkIII Zooms

  • This Digital T ring is designed to allow you to fit any camera or other viewing device with an M58 (58mm) thread onto your Hyperion eyepiece, just screw directly to the top of your Hyperion eyepiece to utilise the external M58 threads on this adapter.

  • This extremely popular 1.25" to T-2 Nosepiece allows you to mount your T-2 accessories or Digital Camera into standard 1.25" focusers or accessories, primarily for prime focus photography.