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Active filters

  • This adapter screws directly on the 2" SC thread and accepts 2" accessories, like 2" star diagonals, eyepieces, camera adapters and many more directly on your Schmidt-Cassegrain Telescope.

  • OVL Off-Axis Guider

    Price £129.00

    Designed for use with DSLR and CCD cameras, this low profile Off-Axis guider is a convenient alternative to using a separate conventional guide scope for astrophotography, offering several advantages. 

  • Baader T-2 Quick Changer

    Price £31.95

    The T-2 Quick Changer features machined internal dovetail join, and a large knurled thumbscrew for securely clamping the T-2 Change Rings (#2456320, sold separately). 

  • Combines T-2 quick change ring and T-2 quick changer to provide a coupling arrangement to help speedy changes of many, many T-2 fitting accessories.

    A Must have T-2 accessory!

  • Baaders Hyperion Digital T-rings are used for coupling nearly any digital camera, camcorder or CCD camera straight onto the 54mm (M54) thread of the Hyperion Fixed focal length or Mark II Clickstop Zoom (Not for use with Mark III Zoom)

  • Designed for convenient CCD imaging. The device has a 1.25" nosepiece, threaded for standard filters on one end, which is inserted into a telescope's focuser, and an M42x0.75 T-mount thread on the other end to connect a suitable CCD camera.

  • Baader Microstage...

    Price £44.95

    The Baader MicroStage II enables camera adaption onto almost any telescope, direct on eyepiece, onto spotting scope and many binoculars.

  • Morpheus® Adapter to convert the Morpheus M43 male top-thread into a SP54 male thread – without adding onto the optical height

  • This female threaded T-2 Locking Ring can be used with T-2 extension tubes to enable you to adjust and securely lock the rotation of the stack. 
    Simply thread the ring onto the male T-2 threads of the component, adjust the rotation as desired, and lock tight against the component.

  • The Hyperion DT-Ring will allow you to attach any digital camera, CCD Camera or video camera to the Hyperion eyepieces.They can also be used on Baader's Hyperion Zoom eyepiece.

  • Celestron Universal...

    Price £24.95

    The Celestron Universal T-Adapter connects a DSLR or SLR camera to any telescope for prime focus photography.