Red Lights & Laser Pointers

Red Lights & Laser Pointers

Red Lights & Laser Pointers

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    • Keep your night vision intact by using a red flashlight when observing!
    • The Night Vision Flashlight uses two red LED’s for even illumination.
    • An easy-to-use thumbwheel adjusts the brightness.
    • Square shape keeps the Night Vision Flashlight from rolling away.
    • Powered by an included 9V battery.
    • Night vision protecting red light for map reading and telescope operation
    • Instant switch between Red and White Light (two pairs of LED's)
    • Adjustable Brightness
    • Battery included
  • - This laser pointer is ideal for presentations and training courses 
    - The red laser is ideal for emphasizing important points in darkened surroundings 
    - 3in1: laser pointer, ballpoint pen, pointer 
    - The pointer is extendible to up to 500 mm 
    - Metal case with a timeless design 
    - With a clip for attachment to bags or documents

  • Red 160 LED Headlight

    Price £14.95

    Essential for astronomy. A red light will preserve your "night vision" so you see as many stars as possible. A headlamp is especially useful as it keeps your hands free for operating a telescope & changing accessories