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  • Fits All Brands inc SkyWatcher & Celestron. The Celestron Star Pointer Finderscope is the way to go if you want the easiest way possible to locate an object and center it in your eyepiece. Instructions below description.

  • Omegon Deluxe Red Dot...

    Price £69.95

    Finding astronomical objects through the Omegon RDA finder is easy. Unlike using an optical finder, you see an unmagnified upright image. Your orientation in the night sky is hence undisturbed and you can see a wide swath of ​​sky

  • The Baader Vario-Finder is a truly multipurpose instrument: a premium finderscope, a spotting scope, a guidescope or a truly go-anywhere portable telescope, as it comes with a T-2 prism you can add many parts from modular T-2 AstroSystem range, so you could add the 1¼ focusing eyepiece clamp (#2458125) and use this versatile instrument as a high quality spotting scope.

  • Find nebulae in the sky immediately, on the first evening, thanks to this finder. Until you know your way around the night sky really well, you can lose many hours trying to find your way around the stars. The main problem: finding a particular object. This is where the Omegon Radiant will help you because it is completely different to other LED finders. From the very first night you use it, finding even the faintest target will be successful and fun.

  • The Red Dot Finder makes setting up the telescope a snap. After proper alignment, the Red Dot Finder superimposes a small red dot on the sky, where the telescope is pointed. It is an ideal companion to the wide field short-tube refractors.

    Supplied without battery CR2032

    We would recommend the cheaper 51630 product which is cheaper & has more fitting options included

  • Baader's zero power red dot finderscope featuring a 30mm optical aperture with anti-relective lens coatings.

    SkySurfer III now includes added adapters to mount the unit directly onto binoculars and beside Spotting Scopes.

    The new double length housing makes it also suitable for rough solar alignment by aligning the shadow, cast by the tube shaped housing.

  • More than a simple red dot finder. With its solid metal base it fits into most standard quick release finder bases including Vixen, Celestron and Skywatcher

  • Sky-Watcher 6x30...

    Price £39.95

    Provides an upright image with reversed left/right orientation. Supplied with finderscope bracket

  • This is a large aperture, premium quality, lightweight aluminium red dot finder, with bases to fit almost any telescope. Supplied with Dew Caps/Lens Shades and captive protective caps. Constructed mostly of metal this red dot finder is definitely built to last.

  • For many years, the telrad has been indispensable for star locating and observing. Perfect as an upgrade from an existing red dot finder, or to complement an existing optical finderscope

    • Designed by astronomers for astronomers, this premium finderscope allows you to precisely zero in on your target
    • Projects a dual-circle reticle, not a red dot that can obscure your subject
    • Larger 40 mm optical window offers a wider field of view so you can acquire targets quickly and easily
    • Brighter LED for easy visibility during the day
    • Easy dovetail connection; no tools required
  • Sky-Watcher 6x30...

    Price £41.95

    Provides an upright image with completely corrected left/right image orientation.  Supplied with finderscope bracket.

  • This base will hold most standard fitting finder/red dot scopes and can be attached to almost any telescopes including C8 Schmidt-Cassegrains (SCT).

    It is a precisely machined base, with 2 elongated holes that permit Spacing between the screws ranging from 27-45mm.

    Please be sure to measure your hole spacing to ensure this will fit, prior to purchase.

  • This finderscope shoe is for Sky-Watcher Finderscope Brackets or other similar mini dovetail brackets from e.g. Orion USA.