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  • Red 160 LED Headlight

    Price £14.95

    Essential for astronomy. A red light will preserve your "night vision" so you see as many stars as possible. A headlamp is especially useful as it keeps your hands free for operating a telescope & changing accessories

    If you enjoy discovering the world at night on a night hike, this headlamp makes things safe for you. It shines a light exactly where you need it – in your line of vision

  • TS Optics RDA finder scope with base Accessories Grovers Optics
    • New

    More than a simple red dot finder. With its solid metal base it fits into most standard quick release finder bases including Vixen, Celestron and Skywatcher

  • Telrad Projection Finder Scope with Base Home Grovers Optics
    • New

    For many years, the telrad has been indispensable for star locating and observing. Perfect as an upgrade from an existing red dot finder, or to complement an existing optical finderscope

  • Artesky Carrying bag Celestron Nexstar SE 4/5/6 Accessories
    • New

    Artesky Carrying bag...

    Price £82.95

    Ideal for transporting your OTA to and from your observing site safely. Will also fit Nexstar SLT 127 and 90

  • Omegon Carrying bag transport case for 8'' SCT OTAs Home
    • New

    Omegon Carrying bag...

    Price £79.95

    Omegon transport case - safe transport for your telescope optics

    This practical carrying case is perfect for safely storing your valuable telescope optics or mount.

  • Omegon Deluxe Red Dot Finder with base Home Grovers Optics
    • New

    Omegon Deluxe Red Dot...

    Price £69.95

    Finding astronomical objects through the Omegon RDA finder is easy. Unlike using an optical finder, you see an unmagnified upright image. Your orientation in the night sky is hence undisturbed and you can see a wide swath of ​​sky