Accessories For Binoculars

Accessories For Binoculars

Accessories For Binoculars

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    • Universal tripod mount-- Ideal for any medium - large binoculars like the Celestron Echelon, SkyMaster, Cavalry, and Cometron models
    • Compatible with any standard tripod head or tripod mounting plate
    • Tripod adapter and reflex sight rail attach quickly and easily to both the tripod and the binocular
  • The new SWAROVSKI OPTIK lifestyle accessories are a stylish companion for bringing you enjoyment on your travels, as well as in your daily routine and during your leisure time. With its well-conceived design and excellent functionality, it complements the entire range of SWAROVSKI OPTIK products.

    These Sizes are very small in our opinion. Order one size bigger. Order Large Get Medium

  • The comfort carrying strap pro has been specially developed for the SLC, EL & Range. The wide carrying strap features a durable outer material and the proven adjustment mechanism of the lift carrying strap.

    It also has two pockets, which could be used to hold replacement batteries for the EL Range or the SWAROVSKI OPTIK moist cleaning cloth.

  • The LensPen is a great tool for all of your optical equipment, including eyepieces, telescopes, spotting scopes, binoculars, microscopes, cameras, lenses, and more. Even your spectacles!

    Good for approximately 500 uses - No liquids are used...nothing to spill or dry out.

  • GREEN MESH - A new design for 2019 with unparalleled comfort. Adjustable fit & Patented Flex-Fit 110 Technology & the ultimate DSFA Cap.

    ORANGE - This is made up of a total of six panels. It has a fleece inner lining and fold-down flaps to keep your ears warm. There is also a patch on both sides for attaching personal objects.

  • The special winged eyecups minimize the entry of distracting ambient light and allow accurate eyecup height adjustment. The result is perfect viewing comfort. Made from a soft yet durable material, the set is suitable for all EL and SLC binoculars.

  • Swarovski LCSP Lift...

    Price £58.00

    By Appointment to HM Queen Elizabeth II SWAROVSKI OPTIK Supplier of Binoculars

    The lift carrying strap can be quickly adjusted to any length. Keep the strap short for optimum wear while walking or lengthen to ensure plenty of comfort and freedom to move when resting.

  • The SWAROVSKI OPTIK umbrella comprises 12 heavy-duty panels and a robust aluminum shaft with a black EVA grip. It opens automatically by pressing a button and has a diameter of 110 cm/43.3 in.

  • Designed for binoculars with a narrow inter-objective distance. Actually we prefer the metal quality of this product over more expensive alternatives. The thread is the universal tripod thread, it is not product specific.

  • Allows binoculars with a tripod adaptor bush, to be fitted to any standard photographic tripod, when maximum viewing stability is required. The large adaptor is a must for larger binoculars, but also provides the best stability for smaller sizes of binocular.

  • The "no frills" approach to a comfortable and functional neck strap is what OP/TECH USA offers in the E-Z Comfort Strap™. The slim design and easy-to-use connection system make this a great strap for binoculars and cameras. It combines high quality neoprene, top grade leather and 3/8" (9,5mm) webbing to give you a simple, yet comfortable strap.