solar telescope is a special purpose telescope

used to observe the Sun. Solar telescopes usually

detect light with wavelengths in, or not far outside,

the visible spectrum.

Your chance to get a close look at our nearest star!

hydrogen-Alpha Grovers Optics Northallerton


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  • Lunt LS60THaDS60/B1200CPT...

    Price £5,009.00

    Complete H-alpha solar telescope with 60mm aperture and additional 60mm double-stack filter system. The telescope can be used with <0.7 Angstrom bandwidth or with <0.5 Angstrom bandwidth, both at the full aperture of 60mm!
    With advanced air-pressure tuning system, B1200 blocking-filter, and Crayford focuser.


  • Lunt LS50C H-alpha...

    Price £1,292.00

    The bandwidth of H-alpha systems can be reduced by so-called "double-stacking". A smaller bandwidth provides much more contrast at the solar surface, thereby many more details will become visible.

  • Lunt LS60THa/B1200CPT...

    Price £2,728.00

    The Lunt 60mm H-alpha OTA + B1200 BF + Crayford + P Tuner is a complete H-alpha Solar Telescope with 60mm aperture and <0.7 Angstrom bandwidth. With new air-pressure tuning system and B1200 Blocking Filter, that provides a smaller vignetting for imaging.

  • The LS50THa solar telescope offers 50 mm free aperture, 350 mm focal length with a bandwidth of <0.75 Angstrom for full H-Alpha views of the Sun. The telescope is fitted as standard with a ergonomic air-pressure tuning system the "Pressure-Tuner",

  • Lunt LS80THa B1200 CPT...

    Price £4,378.00

    The use of ED glass, in this particular Solarscope's objective lens, offers absolutely superb solar resolution.

    • 100 mm f/7 dedicated h-alpha telescope
    • Internal etalon allows a <0.75 Angstrom bandpass.
    • True Doppler pressure tuning system for precision tuning adjustments.
    • The LS100THa includes a 2″ Starlight Instruments Feather Touch Focuser, aluminum case, a sun- finder, 12″ dovetail and your choice of blocking filter.
  • Lunt LS50THa B600 PT...

    Price £1,258.00

    LS50THa Hydrogen-alpha Solar Telescope
    B600 Blocking Filter in star-diagonal
    Tube ring with1/4-20 connection for mounting on photo-tripods
    non-rotating Helical focuser

  • The Lunt 60mm H-alpha OTA B600 BF + Crayford is a complete H-alpha Solar Telescope with 60mm aperture and <0.75 Angstrom bandwidth.

  • Lunt LS50FHa B600 d1...

    Price £1,920.00

    The Lunt LS50FHa/B600d1 H-alpha solar filter is a H-alpha Single Pass Front Mount Etalon System for telescopes with 1.25" focuser and up to 540mm focal length.

  • Adapter for all LS60T and LS80T H-alpha, and LS60T CaK telescopes with normal crayford style focuser, to change the crayford focuser against a Starlight Instruments 2″ Feather Touch focuser with 1.5″ travel.