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    • Large main compartment and six zippered accessory pockets provide ample storage for optics, camera equipment, and other gear for your outdoor excursion
  • DSLR Camera Adapter...

    Price £34.95

    To connect a DSLR to an Acuter ST or NatureClose spotting scope. This collar fits over the eyepiece & the thread accepts a t-ring. T-rings can be bought for all major brands. So you capture images without the camera lens & through the scope eyepiece.

  • Swarovski BR balance rail

    Price £169.00

    Stable fitting

    The BR balance rail perfectly combines with all spotting scopes and can be adjusted individually. Two support points ensure complete balance at perfect stability.

  • Celestron T-Adapter SCT

    Price £19.95

    This sturdy metal T-Adapter is the accessory of choice if you’d like to attach an SLR or DSLR camera to the rear cell threads of a Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope for prime focus photography.

  • The LensPen is a great tool for all of your optical equipment, including eyepieces, telescopes, spotting scopes, binoculars, microscopes, cameras, lenses, and more. Even your spectacles!

    Good for approximately 500 uses - No liquids are used...nothing to spill or dry out.

  • A T-Ring is one of the first accessories you will need if you want to take pictures through a telescope or spotting scope.  If you have a Sony or Minolta DSLR camera body, a Sony T-Ring is for you.

  • Opticron HDF T Eyepiece

    Price £129.00

    High definition fixed magnification eyepiece with a wide field of view and long eye relief for comfort with or without glasses.

  • The SWAROVSKI OPTIK cleaning set is available in a practical belt pouch and includes moist cleaning cloths, a cleaning brush, cleaning fluid, and a microfiber cloth.


  • Swarovski ME 1.7x...

    Price £320.00

    The ME 1.7x magnification extender increases the magnification by a factor of 1.7. You can quickly and easily attach it using the bayonet catch to all the objective and eyepiece modules in the ATX/STX/BTX family. In the case of the BTX 65 and 85, the magnification increases from 30x to 50x, and from 35x to 60x for the BTX 95.

  • A T-Ring is one of the first accessories you will need if you want to take pictures through a telescope or spotting scope.  If you have a "Pentax K" DSLR camera body, then this T-Ring is for you.

  • The Opticron 40951 UTA enables you to increase the magnification of your Opticron binocular or telescope+eyepiece combination by a factor of 2.

    Fitted to a binocular, the 40951 UTA converts one half into a higher powered long eye relief monocular. It also connects to Opticron SDL, HDF, HR and IS eyepieces.

  • Swarovski Stay On Case...

    Price £118.00

    Available In-Store To Try

    The perfect case for the objective module of your ATX/STX spotting scope. The close-fitting stay-on case protects the scope against impact even in demanding conditions

  • SOC stay-on case BTX eyepiece module

    Perfectly protected

    The perfectly compatible SOC stay-on case protects the BTX eyepiece module from major impact, such as knocks. This does not restrict its handling.