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  • AstroMedia Reversing...

    Price £39.95

    Alan Davies and Phill Jupitus try out upside down goggles - QI Series N Episode 8: Preview - BBC Two

    These amazing Reversing Goggles allow you to view the world upside down! The plastic goggles hold two Dove prisms, which invert the image.

    Available in: Ready to use or Kit form - Selection on Right

  • Only 2 inches small but already an AstroMedia classic, not only for children’s birthday parties. The colourful cardboard ring holds a special spectral film that turns any light source into a fan of breathtaking rainbow colour. Just hold the Twinky close to your eye and look through it.

  • Omegon Universe2go...

    Price £44.00

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    Links the real starry sky with the digital world. Look up to the heavens & discover constellations, planets & galaxies. For adults & age 8 plus

    • Representation of all 88 constellations
    • Close-ups of planets, galaxies, star clusters & nebulae
    • Over three hours of audible explanation
    • The Greek myths linked with the constellations
  • In addition to water clocks and fire clocks, night clocks made from precious incense were also in use in ancient Asia. These special incense sticks change their fragrance with time. We have recreated this old tradition with our Indian Fragrance Clock.

  • AstroMedia Star Dome

    Price £4.99

    Cut-out sheet for a dome-shaped star chart with distortion-free depiction of all stars and constellations visible in the northern sky down to latitudes of 40ºN. Includes date and time markers to simplify locating stars and constellations

  • Find your way around the night sky with this handy guide to stargazing for beginners, written by Sir Patrick Moore in his characteristically entertaining and informative style.

    Clear star maps, showing stars visible to the naked eye, help you to navigate the skies.

  • It was a historic moment when Thomas Alva Edison succeeded in recording his voice in 1877. This Pocket-Phonograph goes back to one of his patents as well

    A thin strip with grooves carved into one side is connected to a resonator. The recorded sound can then be played back with the nail of your thumb.

  • Use the clear string to hang eight planets from your ceiling and bring space into your bedroom with this glowing model solar system.  Impactful 290x225mm clamshell packaging.

  • A superb pair of solar eclipse glasses fully CE approved for safe viewing of eclipses, transits and larger sunspots filtering out 100% of harmful UV whilst showing a true orange solar disk.

  • AstroMedia Solar...

    Price £4.49

    If you want to look straight into the sun, you should only do so with the proper eye protection. 

  • Philip's Moon Observer's Guide is a practical guide for Moonwatchers, suitable for both beginners and more experienced observers. Peter Grego, a well-known Moon expert, shares his enthusiasm and expertise in this informative book.

  • AstroMedia Tippe Top

    Price £6.99

    A spinning top that turns upside-down when spun fast enough!

    The Tippe Top was invented by the Munich nurse Helene Sperl at the end of the last century. The centre of gravity of the Tippe Top lies below the centre of the sphere.