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  • Omegon Universe2go...

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    Links the real starry sky with the digital world. Look up to the heavens & discover constellations, planets & galaxies. For adults & age 8 plus

    • Representation of all 88 constellations
    • Close-ups of planets, galaxies, star clusters & nebulae
    • Over three hours of audible explanation
    • The Greek myths linked with the constellations
  • Celestron Labs CL-CM2000CF Compound Microscope
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    Celestron CM2000CF...

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    Includes USB Imager for use with laptop or desktop computer

    The Celestron Labs CM2000CF Compound Microscope offers all the advanced features you’re looking for at an economical price. With 10x and 20x eyepieces and 4 included objective lenses (4x, 10x, 40x and 100x), you’ll achieve magnification ranging from 40x to 2000x.

  • This simple and easy to build model shows the movement of the sun in the sky for every location on the northern hemisphere and for every day of the year. Just tilt the horizontal plane to the desired latitude, move the sun (brass clip) to the correct date and the pivoting cardboard arc demonstrates the sun’s movement.

  • AstroMedia Slide Rule

    Price £5.49

    Cardboard kit for a fully functional slide rule, the predecessor of the pocket calculator. Allows for easy multiplication, division, calculation of squares, cubes, square and cubic roots, as well as the inverse.

  • AstroMedia Sextant

    Price £21.49

    The classical instrument for measuring angles as used by sailors and discoverers. A sturdy kit with two unbreakable stainless steel mirrors and a sun filter.

    This sextant is not a toy but a fully functional instrument with an accuracy of 5-10 arc minutes!

  • A very special photographic paper from the early days of photography. Just put objects or negatives on the paper and expose it to the sun light. The outlines of the objects will show up as a silhouette.

    Developing and fixation with tap water and without the need of a dark chamber. Made from non-poisonous & recycled paper.

    Pack of 10 sheets, 215 x 280 mm nearly A4 size (which is 210x297mm)

  • Asrtomedia Fire Steel

    Price £7.45

    Produces 3000°C hot sparks when struck with the enclosed tool or another sharp edged steel object (knife back). These sparks set fire to any dry tinder like paper or magnesium chips (see below) even in wet conditions. Can also be used for signalling in the dark. 


  • AstroMedia Universal...

    Price £17.49

    This Queen of sundials can be adjusted to any location in the world to show the true local time.

    A robust and beautiful precision instrument.

    Size: 1 x 14.4 c 17.5 cm

  • Set of three files (each fine and medium), ideal to smooth and clean edges and burrs of our cardboard kits. Also suitable for wood and soft plastic.

  • A world premiere: the first ever fully functional cardboard orrery! It demonstrates the movements of Mercury, Venus, Earth and Moon around the Sun


    • Unit size: Ø 110 x 50 mm; Case: 145 x 148 x 70 mm
    • Imprint area size: Ø 50 mm on base, 21 x 12 mm on brass plate
    • Weight: 900 g incl. wooden case
  • AstroMedia Magic Lantern

    Price £28.95

    From the 17th century on magic lanterns made a huge impression on fair ground spectators. This is a kit for an elegant and fully functional cardboard replica in original size.

  • The Royal Cubit played a central part in the culture of ancient Egypt since its very beginnings 5000 years ago and is therefore one of the very first standards of measurement. In nearly every historical egyptian building and artefact you can find parts made to fractions or multiples of this cubit