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  • This beautiful kit is based on the last remaining telescope that belonged to Galileo (the oldest telescope in the world): a leather-bound show piece with golden ornaments for Cosimo II de Medici, which now is on show in Florence.

  • With the help of this special CE certified film with a filter factor of 100,000 you can observe the sun directly with your binoculars or telescope

  • Our soprano ocarina is tuned to C major and has a wonderful velvety tone. Like all ocarinas it is very easy to play and even comes with an introduction and some simple songs. Kit made from gold printed, pre-cut cardboard with moisture barrier. 

  • Build a beautiful fully functional magnetic compass to take bearings and find the cardinal points. This excellent kit is more than a toy and allows an accurate fix on land and sea marks. Comes with its own protective case

  • AstroMedia Sextant

    Price £21.49

    The classical instrument for measuring angles as used by sailors and discoverers. A sturdy kit with two unbreakable stainless steel mirrors and a sun filter.

    This sextant is not a toy but a fully functional instrument with an accuracy of 5-10 arc minutes!

  • AstroMedia Steam Gyro

    Price £9.49

    The very first steam engine was a spinning copper ball, invented by Hero of Alexandria in the first century. This swimming spin top uses the same principle. A tea light (not included) heats the water in the copper spiral and recoil from the steam makes the Gyro spin.

  • Yes, with this cardboard kit you can actually build a working stirling engine. Just place the engine on a cup with boiling water and it will move silently for up to an hour! The kit comes complete with all necessary parts like laser-cut aluminium plates, low-friction PVC bearings, steel crank, and vinyl seal.

  • AstroMedia Ferris Wheel

    Price £16.49

    This Ferris Wheel can be driven by the AstroMedia Steam Engine (429.DMS) or the Stirling Engine (228.STM). It stands in the tradition of tin models meant to be driven by toy steam engines produced for the children of wealthy families at the end of the 19th century. 

  • A steam engine made from cardboard, running with proper boiling steam - is that really possible? Oh yes!!!

    See for yourself: this model not only looks great, it also works, happily chuff-chuffing away. The boiler, made from an aluminium tin, has a magnetic safety valve. The aluminium fire box underneath holds five tea lights. Both are enclosed in a safety cage made from galvanised wire mesh.

  • AstroMedia Pseudoscope

    Price £21.95

    In the current hype for 3-D effects and movies it is easily forgotten that the basic principles for these have already been laid down 180 years ago by the English scientist Charles Wheatstone.

  • With this easy to build spectroscope you can examine the spectrum of any light source: glowing bodies (sun, incandescent light bulb), fluorescent lamps, etc. On the nano-meter scale you can read the wave length to 5 nm accuracy. 

  • AstroMedia Periscope

    Price £11.49

    Rugged, intricately printed cardboard kit with two unbreakable, highly polished stainless steel mirrors. This continuously adjustable periscope lifts the eye level by up to 40 cm. It even permits to look behind you and around corners. Great fun and educational too!

    Size: 5.5 x 12.5 x 32(-50) cm

    Periscope Instructions

  • All our modern cameras have one common ancestor - The Camera Obscura: the light of the outside world falls through a pinhole onto the opposite wall of a room and produces an upside-down picture. In the 16th century the camera obscura was greatly improved by an objective lens, which produced much brighter pictures.

  • AstroMedia Magic Lantern

    Price £28.95

    From the 17th century on magic lanterns made a huge impression on fair ground spectators. This is a kit for an elegant and fully functional cardboard replica in original size.