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  • AstroMedia Tippe Top

    Price £6.99

    A spinning top that turns upside-down when spun fast enough!

    The Tippe Top was invented by the Munich nurse Helene Sperl at the end of the last century. The centre of gravity of the Tippe Top lies below the centre of the sphere.

  • A small tube that has a great effect: Take two ordinary plastic drink bottles, fill one two thirds with water and  then connect the two bottles with our Bottle Tornado tube. When you now turn the bottles upside-down, the water starts gurgling down, creating a large vortex (you might have to squeeze the lower bottle a bit to start the process)

  • AstroMedia Prism Kit

    Price £7.49

    A kit for a prism made from acrylic glass. Cast acrylic glass blank with all necessary polishing material to produce a highly transparent prism, instructions included. 

    Suitable for children.

  • Our Goethe Wall Barometer is hand blown from a traditional glass formula called “forest glass” in Lauscha, Thuringia in Germany. It is a copy of the original barometer from 1792/93 that was found in Goethe’s house in Weimar after his death. The slight green tinge of the glass and its texture make it look like a real antique. 


    • Nostalgic prism compass
    • Suspended compass rose
    • 360° rotating metal dial ring, lockable
    • Lid with transparent window and bearing line
    • Adjustable prism system
    • Thumb holder ring
    • Massive metal finish
    • Hand crafted
    • Every unit is unique
    • A very special gift
    • Laser engraving available
  • AstroMedia Steam Engine

    Price £35.95

    A steam engine made from cardboard, running with proper boiling steam - is that really possible? Oh yes!!!

    See for yourself: this model not only looks great, it also works, happily chuff-chuffing away. The boiler, made from an aluminium tin, has a magnetic safety valve. The aluminium fire box underneath holds five tea lights. Both are enclosed in a safety cage made from galvanised wire mesh. 

  • Astromedia Pocket Kite

    Price £6.49

    Incredible: a key ring that turns into a proper kite of nearly half a metre wingspan! It doesn’t need any rods, it is stabilised by two air pockets. The whole kite fits into a tiny pocket that is attached to a key ring. A fantastic toy for young and old. Complete with 15 metre string on a spindle.

    • Nostalgic sextant
    • Precision protractor
    • Position sensing, the traditional way
    • Massive metal finish
    • With 2 additional oculars
    • Hand crafted
    • Every unit is unique
    • A very special gift
  • The five platonic solids are named after the Greek philosopher Plato, who described them extensively in his dialogue “Timaeus”. He saw in them the smallest, invisible building blocks of the world and assigned them to the classical elements. However, the five solids have been known for much longer, as for example 5000 year old engraved stones from Scotland show.

  • Air ship shaped balloon, 3 m long, 0.6 m thick, made from thin black film. The sun warms up the enclosed air and makes the zeppelin rise, even in winter. Complete with 50 m string. 

  • In 1910 the German Poet Christian Morgenstern wrote a poem about an inventor and his “Tagnachtlampe”, a lamp that turns day into night when you switch it on. 49 years later, Carl Barks had his Gyro Gearloose invent a similar device, the “gloom light”. Both ideas were never realised, not even filed for patent!

    1. a)Room thermometer, range 14°C to 31°C in steps of 1°C, 18 x 130 mm, self-adhesive

    2. b) Round thermometer, range 14°C to 32°C in steps of 2°C, diameter 50 mm, self-adhesive

    3. c)Fever thermometer, range 35°C to 40°C in steps of 1°C, 18 x 90 mm. Just press on the forehead for 5 seconds to measure the body temperature.


    • Unit size: Compass Ø 78 x 48 mm, Case: 107 x 107 x 80 mm
    • Imprint area size: 21 x 12 mm on brass plate
    • Weight: 650 g incl. wooden case