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Microscopes Magnifiers

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  • Named with the art critic in mind, Opticron Gallery Scopes are an excellent tool for the macro study of wildlife as well as easy to use field monoculars that fit unnoticed into a shirt pocket or backpack.

  • The 57107 Pocket folding inspection magnifier is suitable for close up inspection of plants & insects as well as reading a variety of small print documents.

  • Celestron Microscope Kit

    Price £49.95

    A great way for young scientists and nature enthusiasts explore the microscopic world. This kit comes with a compound microscope and a number of specimens and accessories to stimulate their curiosity.


  • Features

    • 20x20cm microfibre cleaning cloth specifically designed to remove dirt, grease, dust, fingerprints and other particles from a wide range of glass and plastic lenses, CD’s, mobile phone and camera screens.

    • USB-powered handheld digital microscope.
    • Built-in 2MP digital camera for capturing images and videos.
    • Wide range of magnification for a wide range of uses: 10x - 150x magnification.
    • Image captures up to 1920 X 1080 pixels.
    • Eight adjustable white LED illumination points.
    • MicroCapture Pro Software Included.
  • The Celestron Flipview 5 MP LCD Handheld Microscope has a flip out, rotating screen. Features magnification of 10x to 120x, has a Micro SD card slot, with a 5 MP sensor and a multi-plug.

  • Celestron Digital...

    Price £49.95

    Turn your traditional microscope  into a high-resolution digital microscope using a 2MP CMOS sensor digital microscope imager

  • The LensPen is a great tool for all of your optical equipment, including eyepieces, telescopes, spotting scopes, binoculars, microscopes, cameras, lenses, and more. Even your spectacles!

    Good for approximately 500 uses - No liquids are used...nothing to spill or dry out.

  • LED Lighted Head MagniVisor Home Grovers Optics
    • New

    The CP-60, MagniVisor Deluxe from our PRO Series is a hands free, head-worn magnifier with 4 different lenses; 1.5x, 2x, 2.5x and 3x .

    • 40x to 400x magnification (up to 1600x with digital zoom)
    • 4.3" LCD touchscreen
    • 5 MP CMOS built-in digital camera
    • 4 fully achromatic objective lenses: 4x, 10x, 20x, 40x
    • Adjustable LED bottom illumination
    • 180° rotatable LCD screen
    • Fully mechanical stage
  • The InfiniClear digital microscope offers magnification from 60x up to 250x. It connects to a PC, Laptop or Android Smartphone/tablet via USB and comes with xploview software which allows live viewing, plus recording of video and still images