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  • Opticron Universal...

    Price £69.00

    The Opticron Universal Smartphone Mount is a simple and flexible way to connect your smartphone to selected eyepieces and take high magnification photos and video. Your eyepiece must have a diameter of between 40.5-51mm to be compatible.

  • Spypoint XCEL Stream

    Price £159.00

    The XCEL Stream by Spypoint is a new and innovative action camera that allows you to stream footage straight to a tablet or phone, allowing others to be apart of the action. Featuring Super HD Video with sound, a built in 2" viewing screen, a wide angle lens and 3 MP photos.

  • Features

    • 20x20cm microfibre cleaning cloth specifically designed to remove dirt, grease, dust, fingerprints and other particles from a wide range of glass and plastic lenses, CD’s, mobile phone and camera screens.
  • The LensPen is a great tool for all of your optical equipment, including eyepieces, telescopes, spotting scopes, binoculars, microscopes, cameras, lenses, and more. Even your spectacles!

    Good for approximately 500 uses - No liquids are used...nothing to spill or dry out.

    • 2 × mecastudio TL-600 studio flash unit incl. 2 × flex, 2 × sync cable of 3.5 mm, 2 × protective cap, without standard reflector
    • 2 × air-cushioned lighting tripod LS-247, 247 cm
    • 2 × soft box SB 60-90
    • 1 × case T-75 for up to 2 studio flash units and accessories
  • The Kenro Standard Carbon Fibre Tripod Kit KENVT102C is manufactured from eight layers of high quality carbon fibre with aluminium alloy castings. It has a maximum working height of 1700mm and a maximum load capacity of 6kg, and is designed for use with camcorders and DSLR cameras. They are covered by a 6-year limited guarantee.

  • UT Series 

    The legs consist of 6 sections, meaning the the length of each leg is shorter when folded. Legs can be folded by reversing 180 degrees, giving the UT Series tripod the form of an acrobat. 

  • Camlink TP2500 Tripod

    Price £29.95

    Suitable for Small-Med sized camera/lens combinations & binoculars

    Not Suitable for large/heavy cameras/binoculars or any spotting scope. You would need something more stable with a precision head. The Sherpa 200r is the budget benchmark for these requirements.

    • 2-way one lever operated panhead with integral 1/4” thread
    • Maximum panning height 80mm
    • Protective rubber jaw pads
    • Optional quick release plate & shoe
    • Dim 205x60x85mm
    • Weight 555g
    • 5 year guarantee
  • Manufactured from high-quality Magnesium Aluminium Alloy with a maximum height of 164.1cm, the Kenro Pro Travel Tripod Kit is lightweight but tough, designed with travellers in mind. It has an impressive maximum load capacity of 12kg and features legs that can be folded back 180° when not in use, making the tripod ultra-compact and easy to carry whilst remaining incredibly sturdy and reliable.

  • A useful device for use with spotting scopes (and binoculars, with an additional L-Type adaptor code 308 or 309). Designed to clamp to a Table, Window Sill or any other even horizontal surface with a thickness up to 36mm.

    Incorporates a standard 1/4-20 Tripod Bush. Features Micro-elevation and azimuth adjustments.

    Gloss black anodised finish.