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  • Selfie 50 Self-Monopod

    Price £21.95

    Self monopod that is ideal for sports and action shots e.g. for filming yourself when skiing

    Attach a GoPro Adapter!

  • Able to carry up to 5kg of weight, the Kenro Standard Video Tripod Kit consists of a 3-section aluminium tripod, and the VH01B fluid head. The flip-lock legs of the tripod allow for fast and easy adjustments, and the angle of the legs can also be adjusted for low-level filming.

    Kenro tripod carries a limited guarantee for 6 years after purchase.

  • Hama 5 Lens Kit For...

    Price £27.95
    • For unusual photo and selfie perspectives with a smartphone and tablet
    • Five different lenses for five different photo effects: 180° fish eye, 0.65X wide-angle, macro lens, polar filter and 2-way telephoto lens
  • Fotomate VP-106

    Price £29.95

    The Fotomate VP-106 tripod provides an economical platform for video cameras, DSLR’s and compact digital cameras, as well as for spotting scopes up to 80mm and binoculars up to 80mm in diameter. Features a maximum payload capacity of 4kg and a maximum height of 152cm when 3-section aluminium legs and the geared centre column are fully extended.

  • Velbon Sherpa 400 Tripod

    Price £149.00

    The tripods are manufactured from aluminium and are finished in a gunmetal grey colour. All come complete with a 3-way head or a ball and socket head, rubber feet and a protective carrying case.

    5 Year Warranty

  • The Kenro BB1 Professional Dual Action Ball Head (Small) is designed for use with cameras and camcorders that weigh up to 6kg. Constructed from aluminium alloy, it is a professional, reliable head that features a built-in spirit level and Arca Swiss-style quick release plate, and that is ideal for use with modern cameras and tripods. A fabric carrying bag is also included.

  • Features

    • 20x20cm microfibre cleaning cloth specifically designed to remove dirt, grease, dust, fingerprints and other particles from a wide range of glass and plastic lenses, CD’s, mobile phone and camera screens.
  • Helmet Strap for GoPro

    Price £7.95

    - Helmet strap for GoPro action cameras, perfect for skiing, mountain biking, motocross and other action sports 
    - Does not get lost or out of place when attached to the helmet's ventilation slots 
    - Gives you a near-eye level point of view by securely fitting around your ski and sports helmets, both hands remain free 

  • Metz M.Studio BL200...

    Price £369.00
    • 2 × mecastudio studio flash unit BL-200 incl. 2 × flex, 2 × 3.5 mm sync cable, 2 × protective cap
    • 2 × air-cushioned lighting tripod LS-200, 200 cm
    • 1 × soft box SB 50-70
    • 1 × standard reflector SR-18
    • 1 × umbrella UM-80 BW, black-white, Ø 84 cm
    • 1 × bag B-80 for up to 2 studio flash units and accessories
  • Manufactured in the Yorkshire. Idleback Combo Chair with Saddle Seat Ready for photography, spotting scopes, binoculars & telescopes. Ideal for terrestrial & astronomy observation.

    On display at Grovers & available to drop ship to your address.

  • Selfie 90 Self-Monopod

    Price £23.95

    Self monopod that is ideal for sports and action shots e.g. for filming yourself when skiing

    Attach a GoPro Adapter!

  • Kenro Ultimate Travel...

    Price £199.00

    Lightweight at just 1.93kg yet incredibly durable, the Kenro Ultimate Travel Tripod Kit is manufactured from eight layers of high-quality carbon fibre. It has a maximum load capacity of 10kg, and can reach up to 187cm in height.

  • Fotomate precision Ball Heads will fit to any tripod with a standard ¼”or 3/8”screw connection. They allow your equipment to be manipulated at any angle and then clamped safely and securely in position. Robustly constructed from aluminium and finished in matt black.