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  • Spypoint XCEL Stream

    Price £159.00

    The XCEL Stream by Spypoint is a new and innovative action camera that allows you to stream footage straight to a tablet or phone, allowing others to be apart of the action. Featuring Super HD Video with sound, a built in 2" viewing screen, a wide angle lens and 3 MP photos.

  • Features

    • 20x20cm microfibre cleaning cloth specifically designed to remove dirt, grease, dust, fingerprints and other particles from a wide range of glass and plastic lenses, CD’s, mobile phone and camera screens.
  • Ideal for sports, nature, mountaineering and general outdoor photography, the Kenro Monopod Kit (Aluminium) is manufactured from Titanium Alloy. Its flip-lock legs allow you to quickly set the monopod up, whilst the included rubber and spiked feet provide stability for a variety of terrains. Able to hold 6kg of weight and extend to 172cm, this monopod is reliable, portable, and sturdy.

  • A T-Ring is one of the first accessories you will need if you want to take pictures through a telescope or spotting scope.  If you have a "Pentax K" DSLR camera body, then this T-Ring is for you.

  • Prevent your personal data from being illegitimately copied without you even noticing! Always keep your credit cards, bank cards and other cards with electronic data in these RFID card protectors. This way, they are simply but effectively protected against skimming and electronic theft.

  • - Max height : 61cm
    - Leg diameter: 20mm
    - Max load: 3kg
    - Weght: 568g
    - Material: Aluminium
    - Pan and Tilt
    - Carry case included
    - 3 section channel legs 20 mm
    - Rhombic legs with flip locks
    - 3-way panhead
    - Quick release plate
    - Bubble level
    - Geared braced centre column

    • This holder allows all smartphones to be mounted on tripods with ¼" tripod mount
    • Screw-on universal mount for units without a tripod thread
    • Extremely flexible for a smartphone width from 5.5 to 8.2 cm (landscape orientation)
    • Compact design
  • Constructed from carbon fibre and aluminium, the Kenro GHC1 Carbon Fibre Gimbal Head is designed for use with large telephoto lenses on DSLRs. It features a 360° smooth panning base, and a swinging arm, both of which have separate locks. An elevated tilt mechanism and height-adjustable platform enables the user to perfectly align the tilt axis of the head with the centre of gravity.

  • Celestron Rechargeable...

    Price £239.00
    • Extra-large capacity portable power pack featuring Celestron’s LiFePO4 battery technology
    • Powers your telescope for up to 17 hours
    • Features 2 USB ports for charging other devices, plus a 12V car battery adapter port
    • LED light panel provides bright white or red LED illumination for up to 25 hours
    • Meets current FAA regulations for carry-on baggage (158.74Wh)
  • - For non-jerky images and a steady hold on uneven surfaces 
    - Compact mini tripod with flexible legs 
    - Can be used as table top tripod for all compact cameras with 1/4" (6.4 mm) tripod socket

  • This floating hand grip is the perfect accessory if you are capturing rare, extraordinary moments in or around water and has especially been designed to save your camera if dropped in the water. Give yourself peace of mind when taking photos at the seaside and get this accessory today.

  • You want to shoot a video of a sunrise? Great idea! But how to manage this without jerks? This magnetic mount brought to you by Hama is the perfect choice to do so. Just attach it to your GoPro camera, position the two items on the windowsill and get going.

    • Handy tripod for wobble-free pictures and stability on uneven ground with smartphones and digital cameras
    • Screw-connected universal holder for devices without tripod socket
    • Extremely flexible, for a smartphone width from 5.5 - 7.5 cm
    • Ideal for shots taken with the auto-timer
  • Precision-manufactured in aluminium alloy, the Small Medium Kenro BC1 Advanced Triple Action Ball Head is designed for use with cameras and camcorders that have a maximum weight of 8kg. Durable, reliable, and lightweight, it has a built-in spirit level as well as an Arca Swiss-style quick release plate, and is guaranteed to provide an ultra-stable performance. A fabric carry bag is included.