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  • This floating hand grip is the perfect accessory if you are capturing rare, extraordinary moments in or around water and has especially been designed to save your camera if dropped in the water. Give yourself peace of mind when taking photos at the seaside and get this accessory today.

  • - For non-jerky images and a steady hold in extraordinary positions, e.g. on smooth walls, ceilings, car windscreens 
    - The 3D ball head allows perfect alignment for shots in portrait and landscape format 
    - For GoPro action cameras and digital cameras with a 1/4" connection thread 
    - 3D ball head with 360° rotation

  • Selfie 120 Self-Monopod

    Price £29.95

    Great shots: the extendable selfie stick gives you a much wider perspective so you can take shots of a whole group or take a selfie in front of a large concert stage. The selfie stick extends your arm as well as your photographic possibilities.

    • 2in1 system for 1/4 inch threads and GoPro cameras 
  • - Accessory set for GoPro action cameras, perfect for all sports activities 
    - 3-way swivelling arm for all imaginable shooting angles 
    - The high-quality 3M adhesive technology ensures a consistently reliable hold also in the rain and cold 
    - Set comprising two different adhesive mounts, two different quick-release fasteners, one 3-way swivelling arm and one long replacement screw 

  • Selfie 50 Self-Monopod

    Price £21.95

    Self monopod that is ideal for sports and action shots e.g. for filming yourself when skiing

    Attach a GoPro Adapter!

  • Spypoint XCEL Stream

    Price £159.00

    The XCEL Stream by Spypoint is a new and innovative action camera that allows you to stream footage straight to a tablet or phone, allowing others to be apart of the action. Featuring Super HD Video with sound, a built in 2" viewing screen, a wide angle lens and 3 MP photos.

  • Helmet Strap for GoPro

    Price £7.95

    - Helmet strap for GoPro action cameras, perfect for skiing, mountain biking, motocross and other action sports 
    - Does not get lost or out of place when attached to the helmet's ventilation slots 
    - Gives you a near-eye level point of view by securely fitting around your ski and sports helmets, both hands remain free 

  • Discreet 360 degree control movement of your camera, video camera & nature camera. Even GoPro.
    Sports, time lapse, weddings, astro imaging & wildlife.

    When used with CamRanger II (bought seperately) you also have remote control of compatible Nikon & Canon Cameras

  • CamRanger enables remote live view and firing of your camera from up to 120m via a tablet/smartphone, with the ability to modify exposures and settings completely wirelessly

    Ideal for any application where remote view and capture are useful or even essential, such as nature and macro photography, wildlife and birdwatching plus applications where a remote location is necessary

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  • This aluminium case offers great protection for your camera equipment whilst not in use.

    • With dividers and pre cut foam interior. So it can be customised to meet your exact needs and equipment shape.
    • Lockable for extra security.
    • Internal dimensions of 46 x 33 x 12cm (L x W x D).