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  • Organise your Contour camera and accessories with the SP POV case.
    This compact and easy to use case keeps your camera set protected at all times.

  • SP Tripod screw arm

    Price £8.95

    Use this handy little adaptor to mount other standard cameras onto your SP Gadgets poles and grips.

  • Choose GB size on right

    In Grovers we print thousands of customers images every day of the week. We see a lot of memory cards and in our experience Lexar are the most reliable and will last as long as any available. Beware of cheap memory cards. Your devices can not work as they are designed unless the card at least matches the specification of your device.

  • Camlink 4K UHD Action...

    Price £79.95

    Capture the moment and relive the action over and over again in 4K Ultra HD image quality. This feature-packed action cam has Wi-Fi, enabling you to share the thrill with your friends on Facebook, Instagram and other social media.

    Important: After these 29 minutes of recording a recording has to be restarted.

  • SP Gadgets POV Light

    Price £89.95

    SP-Gadgets is introducing the most versatile, waterproof LED video light with integrated GoPro mounting system.

  • This floating hand grip is the perfect accessory if you are capturing rare, extraordinary moments in or around water and has especially been designed to save your camera if dropped in the water. Give yourself peace of mind when taking photos at the seaside and get this accessory today.

  • - For non-jerky images and a steady hold in extraordinary positions, e.g. on smooth walls, ceilings, car windscreens 
    - The 3D ball head allows perfect alignment for shots in portrait and landscape format 
    - For GoPro action cameras and digital cameras with a 1/4" connection thread 
    - 3D ball head with 360° rotation