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  • Allows any tripod head (3/8" bush thread) to be fitted to Kenro Video Tripod Range (below). Including their excellent gimbal head.

    The main features of the Bowl Adapter are:
    Base Diameter: 65mm
    Bush Thread: 3/8",
    Adapter weight: 188g

  • Double Distance Camera...

    Price £195.00

    This heavy duty portable slider is ideal for making tracking shots when using video cameras, digital SLRs or smartphone cameras. It is ideal for individuals or companies who are looking for an easy and affordable system to enhance the impact of a video shoot.

  • The Kenro Pro Video Tripod offers the user tremendous versatility at a very sharp price coupled with strength, durability and substantial load capacity. Fast and easy to set up complete with a smooth fluid action 2 way video head.

  • Karoo Ultimate Travel...

    Price £159.00

    Lightweight at just 1.6kg yet incredibly durable, the Kenro Ultimate Travel Tripod Kit is manufactured from high-quality aluminium alloy. It has a maximum load capacity of 10kg, and can reach up to 167cm in height. With legs that are able to fold back 180°, this ultra-compact is designed with travellers in mind. Furthermore, one leg is removable and can be converted into a full-size monopod.

  • With an impressive load capacity of 14kg, the Kenro Heavy Duty Tripod Kit is manufactured from 8 layers of high quality carbon fibre, with aluminium alloy castings. The 4-section legs feature twist locks that mean the tripod can be set up quickly, and the centre column is reversible to allow for low-level photography. Furthermore, one leg is removable and can be converted into a full-size monopod.

  • Manufactured from high quality Magnesium Aluminium Alloy, this tripod is light, stable and durable with an impressive load capacity. Supplied with smooth fluid action video pan head.