Thermal & Night Vision

Nature Cameras & Night Vision. For observing & photographing at night in infra red or just when you are not there. Can be used in images or video & recorded to camera cards or even sent to you by MMS multimedia messages. Night vision cameras can also stream to iOS/Android devices & be controlled over WiFi too (not requiring the internet). There are lots of options & the technology is not expensive - call for more information.

Thermal & Night Vision. Nature Cameras with InfraRed Night Vision

Thermal & Night Vision

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  • Deban Night Vision...

    Price £39.95

    Night Vision Mounting System

    Suitable for most airguns with raised rotary mag clip and 9-11mm dovetail rail: Falcon Raptor, Daystate Harrier, Air Arms S410 9--11mm Weaver one piece raised. Length 127mm

  • Spypoint Link-S

    Price £499.00

    Spypoint deliver the LINK-S, using their leading Cellular Technology with an innovative solar panel. The LINK-S Trail Camera has unlimited power available and has easy activation. The device is provided with a truphone SIM card, allowing you to manage your account, settings and photos through the accompanying App.

  • Kodak Alkaline 4x AAA Batteries
    • On sale!
    BUY 2 GET 1 FREE
    only available per battery type
    available across most the range of alkaline batteries
    • Keep your night vision intact by using a red flashlight when observing!
    • The Night Vision Flashlight uses two red LED’s for even illumination.
    • An easy-to-use thumbwheel adjusts the brightness.
    • Square shape keeps the Night Vision Flashlight from rolling away.
    • Powered by an included 9V battery.
  • Spypoint's LINK-DARK is the latest addition to the brand. This new model features a high resolution 12 MP Camera, capturing high quality imagery that can be transmitted via a mobile network, whilst also using 42 invisible LEDs (black). This camera takes colour photos & video by day and black & white by night

  • Spypoint Link Micro

    Price £189.00

    The LINK-MICRO is the smallest cellular trail camera on the market, as well as being one of the easiest to set-up & activate

    10MP photographs, colour in the day, black & white at night, and transmits them via 4G network through to your Spypoint LINK App on your smartphone or tablet, allowing you not to disturb your photo-site, saving you the journey time

  • Spypoint Solar-Dark

    Price £239.00

    New to 2019, Spypoint introduce the new SOLAR-DARK to their collection of non-cellular Trail Cameras.
    This model feature a 12 MP camera for use with the multiple capture modes, capturing up to 6 photos per detection, as well as built-in, full HD video recording (1080p) with sound.

  • Spypoint Force-20

    Price £129.00

    The new edition to the FORCE Series, the FORCE-20 Trail Camera has a 20 MP camera, the highest megapixel trail camera to be designed by Spypoint. The camera captures up to 5 photos per detection with the devices multi-shot mode.

    We recommend the rechargeable lithium battery (see below). These work in lower temperatures than the popular alkaline type. Cheap zinc carbon batteries are not suitable

  • For when you do not want rechargeable batteries.

    World's longest lasting AAA battery for high-tech devices.

    It's important to understand the benefits of a better battery - that's actually cheaper per hour used....

  • For when you do not want rechargeable batteries.

    World's longest lasting AA battery for high-tech devices.

    It's important to understand the benefits of a better battery - that's actually cheaper per hour used...

  • Spypoint Solar-W Inc Lithium Battery
    • On sale!

    A Special Edition of the popular SOLAR trail camera, the Spypoint SOLAR-W should be the camera of choice when it comes to maintaining battery life and longer usage.

    The SOLAR-W features its very own built in solar panel, that charges an internal battery pack - can also be powered by standard 6xAA batteries or lithium rechargeable pack

  • Well-disguised in woodland camouflage and equipped with an infrared LED illumination, the BRESSER Observation camera/game camera 55° 8MP can be used both for surveillance as well as for impressive close-ups of even the most shy of animals

  • Video & still image JPG in daylight or using infra-red afterdark. This camera can be left in-the-field for weeks discreetly capturing footage